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At Long Last! | An Interview with Travis Verky

Hello Travis. Before we get stuck in. What’s your favourite Dinosaur and why?

I’ve never actually thought about what my favourite dinosaur is. I guess the coolest ones are the ones with the long necks but fat body. Think they’re called Diplodocus (defiantly didn’t just google it). They have a weird body shape, but it's low-key kinda sick haha. Possibly could have some weird perks. Also, they are vegetarians...

(Excuse my photoshop skills. They will get better. Keep reading these blogs to follow my progress aha.)

Now to more serious matters… Marmite?

Might get some hate for this, but I fully love marmite! Tesco has just brought out new marmite hummus and its actually so good. Can’t get enough of it! But everyone else that tries it hates it, so maybe its just me and my weird like for marmite.


No seriously. How and when did you first start training Parkour?

I started training Parkour in 2012 when I was 10. I saw it being demonstrated by Danny Pierce and Jackson Turner at the skate jam in Dorchester. Jackson also worked at my school as an IT consultant. After speaking to Jackson and Danny, they made me aware of indoor sessions at the local YMCA ran by Train-Hard Parkour - These were the classes that got me into Parkour. Also, at first, I didn’t want to start Parkour but my mum was really keen to get me started as she thought I’d be perfect for it... guess she was right.

What do you think Parkour offers that other sports don’t?

I feel like parkour is a very unique sport. Actually I know it's a very unique sport. I love it as it just allows you to train when you want, how you want and train with whoever you want. There're no set games where you need to perform at your best, like Rugby for example. No main sessions you HAVE to attend, and no pressure to perform fully all the time.

Despite Parkour, If you had all the time, resources and motivation in the world, what would your desired profession be?

I guess my other desires (if I had unlimited supplies) other than parkour would be photography and... I don’t know. That’s a hard question as I pretty much would only do Parkour!


Other than Parkour, what makes you happy on a daily basis?


Parkour is a big leading factor to my happiness, but if I had to give a factor second place It would be being around people I love who bring positive energy. These are mainly my close friends within the Parkour scene and also friends from school.


So, we all know that you’re in love with DT1 (Dorchester, U.k.) Some say that you once tried to legally change your name to DT1 back in 2017. Is there a place you would rather live in England? And why?

I can confirm the rumours are true! If I were to live anywhere in England, it would definitely be London. This is purely because of the spots. Every time I go to London to train I have a good session and I’m always going to new spots every time which is exciting. I love going to new spots. I would also live in Glasgow because those spots are incredible also and the community is sick! but I don’t know if that counts.

Above is a picture of Travis on the Southbank in London doing what he does best... trying to be as cool as this guy:

If you were to live anywhere in the world, in any situation, where and how would that be?

I will have to relate this question to the previous question as I just believe the UK scene is one of the sickest scenes to be around while you train. Maybe I’m being naive and haven't experienced enough places around the world, so maybe ill have to travel the world more and then answer this question again. It could even be the fact I have so many good friends from parkour in the UK

What are your goals regarding Parkour? Where would you like to see yourself in 5 to 7 years time?

My current goal in the next few years is to just improve as an athlete. I feel like at the moment I still have an incredible amount to learn and to improve on and I’m excited for this progression to happen and to experience it alongside with Motus. I feel like in the next few years lots of opportunities will arise for me and I think it’s a perfect opportunity to use this to progress. But also, who knows what could happen; my whole training style may change, the way I dress may change, the way I perceive spots may change etc...

What is one life lesson that you have learnt, big or small, that you might want to share with the readers of this interview?

I guess the main life lesson I have learnt on my journey so far would be patience. I feel everyone has potential in what they do and if you work hard, don’t rush things and just be patient then opportunities will arise and your potential will stand out (in a good way).

Last but not least, what are 3 facts about you that people might not know?

  1.  I play rugby for my county (Dorset) and my town (Dorchester).
  2.  I love animals so I don’t eat meat and I love oat milk.
  3.  I taught myself to backflip on a trampoline when I was 7.



We are very happy to have Travis Verkaik on the team as one of our new 'Flow' athletes. If you want to read the interviews with the other newly added Flow athletes, you can find them on our Blog page.