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The Deluxe version includes a 2hr director's commentary with Kelan Ryan & Sam Sutherland.

It could mean Salty Old Lamas, Summer Of Love, Shit Out Of Luck or countless other things, but we're leaving the meaning of S.O.L up to you!

S.O.L is a 1hr 10min tour film that feels more akin to the summer training edits of the 2010s than our 2020 release Sole Destroyer, and that’s one of the film’s biggest strengths.

Kelan & the team managed to elevate the atmosphere of simply enjoying the company of your best friends to the point where S.O.L elicits feelings of pre-nostalgia.

You feel at home like these are your friends training at your spots. The parkour feels like a vehicle for the narrative, but the film is really about friendships, pushing each other hard, helping each other up, and holding the bar in place while a friend hits a lache. 

Tech Specs
Release Date - 22nd July 2022
Runtime - 1 h 12 mins
Directed by Kelan Ryan
Edited by Kelan Ryan, Max Barker & Sam Sutherland
Director's Commentary
Exclusive to the Deluxe version
1h 54 mins
Featuring Kelan Ryan & Sam Sutherland


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During a brief window between lockdowns, the majority of Motus athletes gathered to tour the length of Britain, the only country they were allowed to move freely around at that time, from John O'Groats to Lands End.

After rekindling friendships in the Scottish highlands, the group travelled south, hitting parkour hotspots across several major cities and capturing all the chaos (and incredible training) that took place along the way.

S.O.L fills a void that has been there since the pandemic disrupted the already fragmented Motus team.

A wholesome film packed full of classic Motus mayhem and progressive parkour movement!



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If you purchased S.O.L but didn't set up an account, create one using the same email you used to make your purcahse. Then, in your account you will find a button called "Access Digital Content' where yoou can find your film.

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Sole Destroyer combines bold, action-packed sequences with the raw and telling moments of the battles behind the movements. Flitting from dynamic cinematography to the youthful rowdiness that Motus is so renowned for, the film is undoubtedly the brands greatest achievement so far.

Through elation, stress, injury and laughter, their friendship forms the ultimate key to their success. Sole Destroyer is sure to leave a lasting impression, both on the viewer, and on the sport of Parkour as a whole.


I put off buying this film for way too long. I thought it would be a waste money to buy a parkour video but I have rewatched it atleast 10 times. it perfectly represents real parkour and puts you in a great mood to go out and push boundaries mentally and physically.

I’ve never spent money on digital parkour content, but this changed that stance for me completely. This project is incredibly well done, the music fucking bangs, you can tell the boys hit it fucking hard, and the bonus content is 100% worth every penny.

This definitely isn’t the kind of film you watch once and forget about. Sole destroyer has had so much effort and thought put into it- I can’t stop rewatching it!


The Motus Projects (commonly shortened to Motus) is a ragtag group that loves parkour and its community that somehow built a global brand focused entirely upon just that.