Home Plyometric Programme

About the programme.

A carefully designed plyometric programme catered specifically towards Parkour practitioners. Created by Motus athlete, Joseph Marx.

This programme contains a series of workouts lasting six weeks to enhance your jumping power. As it is plyometrics based, you can do it with minimal equipment. The only equipment needed will be a couple of solid blocks, vaults or anything firm that takes your weight. Most of the exercises can be performed with just a set of stairs.

You can expect to improve and enhance your jumping ability. This programme is not only designed from experience but also detailed research into this subject. You will find scientific studies & references linked within the programme.

Each exercise is linked to a video example to ensure you understand how to perform them correctly.

To contact Marx regarding any queries, please email benchmarxjumps@gmail.com

✓ Download link available via email immediately after purchase.
✓ For beginner & advanced practitioners.
✓ Can be done at home.
✓ Minimal equipment needed.
✓ Video examples for every exercise. 
✓ Scientifically based.
✓ Linked research and studies

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Scott Lawrence (Brighton, AU)
Home plyometrics plan

Great plan! One week in and so much more power!

Travis Watson (Oshawa, CA)
Completed The Program Update

I followed this program exactly as prescribed with some modifications because of the environment I was training in. I finished yesterday and genuinely noticed a massive difference in explosive power from my legs, technique, balance and control, back to back jumps became way faster and more explosive. I would deffinetly suggest using this program to get your legs prepped for parkour and training on the concrete. If you find a good place to follow this program or have boxes to jump on then your set, I personally found a location with rocks and pillars with varying heights to work with, stay committed, train hard and you will gain the most from this program. Highly recommend to anyone advanced or beginner to get the most out of your legs before the summer of training. Would be stoked to see more programs like this or a second version or something, keep up the great work Marx.

Vincent Schwitalla (Berlin, DE)
This is truly amazing

I always had an opsession with jumping, due to my background in Basketball but I never had such a rapid growth in my jumping-abilitiy, as with this program. The workouts feel like next to nothing but you`ll feel the progress rather quickly, so that its easily combined with my additional Parkour-training.

Everyone,who's looking forward to improving his vertical, I would recommend this to.
Gotta give it up to Marx!

Marcus D.

The program really works if you stick with it. The videos are pretty helpful when it comes to following the workout plan. Would recommend it to anyone trying to learn

Joshua H.

Such a neatly organized and useful tool to increase your jumping ability and confidence. Used this to get back to full strength after some nagging ankle injuries and I couldn't recommend it more.