Important updates regarding the

Cargo & Straight Leg Pants

What has happened?

How serious are the sizing issues?

It's not quite as straightforward as this, but, to keep things easy to understand, everything has basically been sized down. The XL's fit like L's, the L's fit like M's and so on.

Across both trouser styles, we recommend sizing up from your normal size.

Naturally, those of you that are taller may be concerned; however, depending on your build, XL may still fit you.

The following photos show Max Barker (6ft & a slim build) wearing XL in the cargos & straight-leg pants.


How bad are the quality issues?

Really minor.

However, when you've worked on something for months and agree on a sample that meets a certain standard, it isn't a nice feeling if that product arrives and it is different.

Are they a bad product?

No, far from it. They are just not as good as they were intended to be.

Many brands, especially larger ones, would just carry on as usual, sell them at full price, and accept that some customers may be dissatisfied.

That's not how we like to run this brand.

Why are you reducing the price?

As mentioned previously, we now hold around 1000 pairs of trousers that we have to sell. We are a small brand, and writing off this much stock would be fatal, having already spent thousands on it.

However, we don't feel comfortable selling them at the intended full retail price of £65.

Instead, we are opting to sell them at a reduced price of £45.

As previously mentioned, the trousers are not bad. We just don't feel they now meet the quality we would expect from trousers priced at £65.

Moving forward