The Community Fund was established as a means for The Motus Projects to support the Parkour & Freerunning community through providing financial aid where it counts. The fund was initially created as a means to appose & take action against the encroachment & misappropriation of Parkour by FIG & is currently being funded by profits from our ‘Fuck FIG’ & ‘Fight FIG’ t-shirts.

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We regret to announce the closure of The Motus Projects Fuck FIG community fund campaign.
Our plan was to use profits from the FIG t-shirts to raise what we hoped to be a sum of money large enough to be able to contribute to emerging grassroots projects and something we are incredibly passionate about. Unfortunately this was not as straightforward as we had hoped.
After the initial release of buy 1 get 1 free shirts, the money raised was used to purchase a larger quality of FIG shirts. The community fund was to be formed from the sale of these shirts. Unfortunately the interest in the shirts was short lived and sales have been incredibly slow resulting in very little profits from which to create the community fund. 
With slow sales and a large surplus of stock we regretfully have chosen to close the community fund campaign & reduce the cost of the shirts to make space and avoid making further losses. 
In hindsight, trying to raise a substantial sum through the sale of shirts was probably not the best approach but we can only treat this as a lesson hard learned.  In recent months we have been in talks with individuals and organisations within our community to hopefully expand on this community fund idea into something far greater than we can achieve on our own so watch this space. 
Whilst we may make mistakes along the way, we always strive to have the Parkour community as our overriding passion and focus.