The Community Fund

The Community Fund was established as a means for The Motus Projects to support the Parkour & Freerunning community through providing financial aid where it counts. The fund was initially created as a means to appose & take action against the encroachment & misappropriation of Parkour by FIG & is currently being funded by profits from our ‘Fuck FIG’ & ‘Fight FIG’ t-shirts.

The ‘Fuck FIG’ t-shirts stand as a symbol of solidarity within the community. We aim to unite against FIG, not to sit idly by whilst they misappropriate our sport and our culture.

Read more about the FIG situation

 Where Is The Money Going?

You as the consumer get to decide where the money from the pool goes. By filling out a Community Funding Application Form you get to voice your need for funding. Profits from sales, when put in the right places could be the difference between an event having a facility, a gym having new equipment or a coach receiving the training needed to make a living from Parkour.

Improvements in the general economy of the sport will benefit all within the sport. A rising tide lifts all boats.

If you are an independent Parkour company who requires funding for a project then complete a Community Funding Application Form & email it to:


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