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Kelan Ryan

Age: 21

Time training: 11 years

How would you describe your style as a Parkour athlete?
I enjoy thinking and moving creatively when training. Rather than executing big challenges, I prefer to focus on how my movement looks and feels.

What is your favourite aspect of the sport?
Community! It's nice to know there are loads of people that enjoy the same thing as me :) 

When you are not training Parkour how do you fill your time?
I like to draw and listen to music. Occasionally I obsess over filming and editing too.

Is Parkour your full-time job and If not what do you do on the side?
I don’t make money through parkour. Currently trying to make money through selling drawings. I'm also looking for a more fitting part-time job right now.

Within Parkour are you pushing towards any goals or challenges?
Yes! Saving clips. I’d like everyone to do it more often including me! 

If you were not able to choose Parkour what other sport would you like to pursue toward a professional level?
Probably skating. Although I dip in and out of other sports, Parkour is always number one! 
If not, I'd pursue art. <3

What is your favourite part of being a part of Motus?
Having a group of likeminded humans that I can call friends. Also going on mad adventures obviously!

What are your favourite and most memorable trips you have been on with Motus and are there any places you wish to go too in the future?
The first and second trip to the USA. It was such a mind-opening experience because I’d never been before and in addition to that I had the best people with me. Having the opportunity to go to Woodward twice is a dream come true. I miss it every day. x

Motus is a collective of very close and good mates but is there anybody in specific within Motus you find yourself working with the best?
I can work well with everyone! We all want the same outcome for the brand and team. 
However, some of my favourite mini-projects have been with Max! 

Where would you like to see yourself and Motus within the next 5 years?
If I could choose the future for myself and Motus. We would have our own space for us to be creative together and work on making clothing + videos that people get excited for. My lifestyle would be fully adjusted, being with the team every day. We would do everything together! On the side, I would make a little bit of money through my art to help me live.

What is your taste in music?
Haha everything... 
Except - Rap, Grime, Pop and other popular genres cause I try to be a hipster. 
So not everything. 

What is your favourite food?
Make me good vegan fajitas and I'm all yours! 

What is your favourite piece from the new Sole Destroyer collection & why?
The Reaper T-Shirt and the Black Reaper Pendant. The Tee looks so old and vintage which I love! The material is perfect for me too, I feel so comfortable wearing it. The Pendant is awesome, I love black necklaces! It's nice and subtle as I don't like shiny things on my body haha.

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