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The expanding roster of athletes we support are at the core of The Motus Projects and have played a crucial role in the brands growth over the years.

Not only are they some of the most progressive & groundbreaking movers when out training & shooting content but have also made waves in the competitive circuit.

The team is highly experienced in a range of commercial work including advertisements, live performance and stunt work.

To work with the team please get in contact - store@themotusprojects.co.uk

PRO Team

Master of flow. Lover of music.

Host of The Motus Prodcast

Kelan Ryan


Powerful & incredibly progressive.

Brazilian, living in Lisbon

Camila Stefaniu

Pro Team

A well rounded monster, usually found with a camera in hand.

Geordie living in Norway.

Jordan Tyler Lea

Flow Team

Few have made the impact on Parkour that Travis has.

Repping DT1

Travis Verkaik

Pro Team

Boundary pushing movement with freakishly clean technique.

Bournemouth born and raised.

Max Barker

Flow Team

A determined & powerful mover with a love for 360's.

Always traveling.

Luke Stones

Pro Team

Unbelievable jumps combined with pure charisma.

Born & raised near Belfast, Ireland

George McGowan

Pro Team

A master of anything he puts his mind to and a natural creative.

Not a descendent of Karl Marx

Joseph Marx

Flow Team

A rising talent and progressive thinker.

You never see the same hair colour twice.

Rachel Gough

Flow Team

His creativity & style seems to know no bounds.

Living in Minneapolis (it snows a lot!)

Ethan Rud

Pro Team

A driven perfectionist who matches his movement skills with his talents behind the camera.

Part time nudist pretending to be from Scotland.

Johnstone Macpherson-Stewart

Pro Team

A master on bars and an athlete who can make any challenge look like a walk in the park.

Properly Scottish.

Robbie Griffith