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Spitting In The Wind | A Parkour Series

Spitting In The Wind Parkour Film YouTube Series Poster Freerunning Movie
Over the summer of 2017 we piled all of our sponsored athletes into a van & road tripped across the United States. From Boston, all the way to the West Coast before finally driving North to finish up at the NAPC in Vancouver, Canada. 

Naturally, we captured the entire journey on film. From the incredible training to the footage you maybe will wish you hadn't seen...

Initially we had planned to create a feature length production from this footage and to sell it for a small fee. We strongly believe in the need for pay per view content within our sport & wanted to contribute towards this.

However, life does a good job of getting in the way and the footage took a lot longer to get edited than once planned. We didn't feel comfortable charging for something that had been so delayed so we have decided to give it away for free!

You can watch Spitting In The Wind | A Parkour Series via the YouTube playlist below!

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