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Stickers looking live af. The mag was an unexpected nice touch as well. Overall, small buy but pish thanks boys

like delicate clouds brushing your skin with silk robes

The lightweight feeling of wearing clouds, combined with the soothing brush of modal on your toned pectorals (toned pectorals aren't a requirement, the shirt will feel lovely regardless). I'm 5'11 and own a size M in both red and grey. I did get one small tear along the side seam when my red shirt caught on a screw, but it was easily mended.

like fluffy sheep walking around inside your pants leg

They're so dang soft! If you buy a size up as I did, you'll get the perfect balance of bagginess, warmth, ventilation, and sheep cuddles. I'm 5'11 and bought an L.

Motus Hoodie (Brown)

Loving the oversized hoodie vibes. Very cosy, very comfortable, and not restrictive. Also, the hood is actually proportional, so it doesn't lift the shoulders of the hoodie and make you look like a T-rex!


A cool hoodie I wear each training I make, in addition with your Sole destroyer white shirt that I looove so much too.

My go-to hat now

Got this hat a few weeks ago. It's been too cold and snowy here in Indiana to train, but that's probably made me wear the hat even more! Super comfy, warm, looks cool, and is high quality. Definitely my go to hat, because who wouldn't wear Motus merch whenever possible?


My son put these on his new skateboard - they look great!!

Comfortable and High Quality

Another stylish and comfortable shirt, like all The Motus Projects clothing it is of high quality. I like that they take the trouble to ensure it is ethically sourced. Delivered very quickly after I made my online order.

Stylish and comfortable to wear

I have attached a picture of me drinking a very nice double bottle of German wine (don't worry I did not drink it all that evening) - wearing my new Motus Projects Black Long sleeve sweatshirt. I am very sorry if this is putting the good name of Motus to improper use - however I have taken the shirt on at least two 5 mile runs and can confirm it provides excellent protection against the elements even in this cold weather. Like all Motus clothing I have purchased, it is both stylish and comfortable to wear.

Damn good

They're warm and comfy and have massive zip pockets. Absolutely brilliant

Best quality brand I’ve ever bought

I’ve bought from a lot of independent brands in the past but I’ve never experienced such high quality from others that I’ve gotten from motus, also at such an affordable price

Amazing team and great products


I did buy a hoodie and Pants for my Son who is really crazy about freerunning. For one or the other reason somethings did go wrong with the transportation and the carrier was not delivering the products.
The Motus team did reach out to me in every step of the way and always gave me the option to either cancel or give it another try. Today the products did get delivered and another challenge did appear with extra costs due to Brexit.
Without any hesitation they did refund this and around 1 hour after that the clothes did arrive.
Within 5 minutes my son was walking around in his new clothes and they did fit perfectly and are of really great quality.

If anybody might have a doubt to buy with this company. DON'T. the company is amazing and the product are evenly amazing.
I would recommend this company to everybody!
Thanks for the great service and experience and keep up to great work!!!

Quality Independent Clothing

TMP represent so much more than just a clothing company, and I think that’s what’s so special about their brand. The quality of the materials are great, really nice heavy feel, not cheap at all. Blazing fast service, (received well within a week!) and excellent customer support. I know I’ll have anything I buy from these guys for years, and that’s what really does it for me.

Comfy, affordable and great customer service.

The tee is as good as it gets. Sustainably made, comfortable and looks sick.
Also Giles and the whole team are great and I (and so many others) wouldn't be training if it weren't for teams like theirs. So Rep them.

new sizing

tee is great - nothing less expected - nice woven labels too.

but, the sizing is completely revised, thank god for the fit guides. really helpful, nailed my sizing.

Fits how I like!

I love long-sleeved tees and I’m really happy with this one. It’s a gamble with overseas online ordering, but this was just right. Small fits me well (I’m a 5’3”, 120lb with longish arms). Size up if you like them loose-fit.
I’m giving 5 stars with the expectation that the fabric will soften a bit with wear ;)

Love it!

I bought mine in XL to get a nice baggy fit,
I am very happy to see that it fits over my hoody.
So now I can have this dope design on a hoody in this winter/early spring training.
Keep up the good work guys!

Light and Comfortable

First of all, the fit is just perfect. I'm 5'8" and got a size M, which got the perfect length for me. The pants are quiet light (whats a huge plus for training) and really really comfortable. Love them!

Awesome Quality Apparel

Fit And material are both excellent, and shirt looks great in person, great for training or just everyday use, i have bought a fair few products from this store and they have all Been excellent, plus got a personal thank you :D what's not to love?

Really comfy pants, love the look off em.

Davis Approved

I'll never forget when I first went to Boston and met Davis Vasconcellos he told me I looked like a budget Eric Moor. A compliment I was undeserving of until now. With these cargos I can finally finish the look. I felt my music taste improve and my kongs doubled in size. Enough pocket space for a pint and a kendama. And somehow less restrictive than stretch denims so you can practice all that tricking nonsense. 10/10 go pick em up now to avoid living with constant gnawing regret for missing the camo pair

Cool outfit

We had ordered a T-shirt, joggers and cargo pants. It's a cool outfit for my son who is a freerunner. It was no problem to exchange the cargo pants for a larger one. Thanks and good luck to the Motus-team!

Wasn’t even a gamble!

I’ve been wanting to get some Motus merch for a while, 100% support the sick journey the brand has been taking! Finally took the plunge and got what has to be one of the comfiest tee’s I’ve ever copped. Haven’t taken it off 😂

Beanie review

Comfortable and warm beanie, perfect for winter training! Cheers.

40 minutes of insane parkour with S-tier cinematography and editing. Music was choice too. Not sure what more to say.