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About Us

The Motus Projects (commonly shortened to Motus) is a ragtag group that loves parkour and its community that somehow built a global brand focused entirely upon just that.

Founded by filmmaker and veteran parkour athlete Giles Campbell Longley, the brand was created with the mission to further the sport and aid the practitioners wherever possible.

Much like in parkour, we've made many mistakes along the way but have persistently picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and pushed forward with a mission of constant progression.

Over the years, Motus has joined forces with some of the best athletes in the world who represent the brand on social media, the world stage and in popular media. Some even work at our headquarters, The Workshop. It's here where we design, create many of our products, fulfil orders and create a lot of our content.

Speaking of content, our videos, podcasts, and other media is a cornerstone of our brand and range from game-changing action films & documentaries to deeply personal insights into some of the sport's most well-known athletes. We genuinely care about transparency and trying to show everything that goes into what we do and love.

Regarding our clothing, we're on a mission to make timelessly great products—functional & athletic streetwear reflective of parkour's incredible culture. We're trying to do this with minimal impact on our planet, so, wherever possible, we opt for sustainability in our processes.

Over the years, we've spent tens of thousands of pounds through trial and error trying to make the best products possible and have been through some truly horrific nightmare scenarios. But like we said, we're still here, getting better and better every day.

We will never be perfect, and there will always be room for improvements & progression. But that's how we like it.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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