The Motus Projects Community Film Festival

1st June - 30th September


We're back with another Community Challenge! This time in the form of a film festival! Check out the categories below & get involved!



  • Movement - Maximum length 3 minutes - We want to see the best movement film you can create! We’re looking for an equal balance of filmmaking and athletic skill! Pacing/style & everything else is up to you! 
  • Documentary - Maximum length 5 minutes - Tell us a story! Whether it be an emotional look into something closely related to you or a summary of the history of Parkour we just want to be captivated. 
  • POV - Maximum length 2 minutes - Pretty self explanatory, 100% Point of view shots but don’t let that stop you getting creative! It doesn't have to be your POV! 
  • Drone - Maximum length 2 minutes -  Similar to the POV but every shot has to be filmed from a drone. 
  • Best one shot - Minimum length 45 seconds - Maximum length 1 minute - Shoot this however you want but NO POV - One continuous shot with NO cuts!  
  • Best film. - This is not a category you can solely enter.  All films entered into the above 5 categories are automatically eligible to win the 'Best Film' prize.



  • Films must be new creations. Filmmakers cannot rename an old video & submit it.
  • The filmmaker & anyone else involved in the films creation must own 100% of the footage. If the filmmakers are found to be stealing other creators content for personal own gain the submission will be disqualified.
  • Filmmakers may submit 1 film per category. 5 films in total. Any additional films submitted after a filmmakers first every will not be accepted.
  • Films that do not meet the required time limits of their category will not be accepted. If it is too long or too short it will not be accepted.
  • Where possible please try to use cleared music that you have permission to use so as not to cause issues with submissions being blocked.



Please upload your film to your Youtube or Vimeo channel with the name of the film as the title of the video. Make sure the description credits all of those that were involved in the production.


You MUST include in the description of the email the films name & the category you wish to enter it into.

You will be notified once your submission has been accepted.


Category Prizes

£100 per category 

The Motus Projects clothing

1 x Farang Essential Harem Pants

1 x Farang t-shirt from Simplicity collection 

Best Film Prizes


2 x places at Camp Woodward (2018) (Travel not included)

The Motus Projects clothing

*Keep checking back here as this list will grow!*



Toby Segar - Storror

Kie Willis - Storm Freerun

Sacha Powell - Storror

Ryan Lovejoy - Outpost 9

Sergio Campos - GUP

Giles Campbell Longley - The Motus Projects / Visive Productions





  • The Film is non-exclusive to The Motus Projects
  • The Motus Projects reserves the right to substitute a prize of comparable or greater value for this or any other reason that it determines in its sole and absolute discretion. Prize must be accepted as awarded. Prize is awarded "as is" with no warranty or guarantee, either express or implied. All prize details are at The Motus Projects sole discretion.

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