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Camila Stefaniu Ribeiro

 How would you describe your style as a Parkour athlete?

I like to challenge myself with different things. I prefer training technical challenges and flowing/moving creatively around the spot, I also enjoy doing efficient and fast longer lines.

What is your favourite aspect of the sport?

The community, because of all the friends that parkour has given to me in life and the idea of reframing urban and natural spaces with our bodies movement, it’s just beautiful.

When you are not training parkour how do you fill your time?

I usually go for a walk or a bike ride, I like to meditate, train some yoga, draw, read and write things sometimes.

Is Parkour your full-time job and If not what do you do on the side?

At the moment I can say it's my full-time job because I'm not working on anything else but I don’t know for how long it will be haha. I'm actually not receiving any money for just training and competing, I finished high school last year and now I'm going to live in Portugal, let's see how things gonna be there!

Within parkour are you pushing towards any goals or challenges?

I’m definitely trying to make a living with parkour and go to as many events and competitions that I can, obviously, I wanna have good results on it. I would love to also be able to one day be part of a social project with parkour, inspire children and bring more people to the practice.

If you were not able to choose parkour what other sport would you like to pursue toward a professional level?

Probably karate or skateboarding, I competed in both of them when I was younger, and I enjoyed practising both. The community and all the people that I met at that time were also sick!

Where would you like to see yourself and Motus within the next 5 years?

if I could choose for myself, I would love to be able to work on loads of projects with motus during these 5 years, it would be and will be incredible to see the growth of the brand during this period. I wanna visit more places, meet and be able to inspire people, learn more and have good experiences in it. I want to live with intensity, train loads with the whole group and be able to make parkour be my full-time job life together with motus :)

What is your taste in music?

I enjoy almost everything. Usually, I listen to hip hop, RNB, grime, Brazilian rap and funk music. depends on the day and situation, I’m always changing and searching for new things!

What is your favourite food?
It's difficult to choose just one thing hahaha! I usually have a wide dietary restriction due to nutritional monitoring and my hormonal dysfunction, but I'm definitely a pancake addicted person.

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