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About the programme.

A carefully designed plyometric programme catered specifically towards Parkour practitioners. Created by Motus athlete, Joseph Marx.

This programme contains a series of workouts lasting six weeks to enhance your jumping power. As it is plyometrics based, you can do it with minimal equipment. The only equipment needed will be a couple of solid blocks, vaults or anything firm that takes your weight. Most of the exercises can be performed with just a set of stairs.

You can expect to improve and enhance your jumping ability. This programme is not only designed from experience but also detailed research into this subject. You will find scientific studies & references linked within the programme.

Each exercise is linked to a video example to ensure you understand how to perform them correctly.

To contact Marx regarding any queries, please email benchmarxjumps@gmail.com

✓ Download link available via email immediately after purchase.
✓ For beginner & advanced practitioners.
✓ Can be done at home.
✓ Minimal equipment needed.
✓ Video examples for every exercise. 
✓ Scientifically based.
✓ Linked research and studies