Foundational Guide To Weight Training

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  • For beginners interested in weight lifting.

  • General gym equipment required.

  • Video tutorials for all exercises.

  • 12 - 24 week plan.

  • Works for any strength level.

  • 7 fundamental lifts that hit every muscle group.


To contact Marx regarding any queries, please contact @joseph_marx & @willfrasercoombe on Instagram or email


Foundational Guide To Weight Training was created by Joseph Marx & Will Fraser-Coombe to help other parkourists understand weight lifting fundamentals to aid in progression & injury prevention in their training.

This programme contains a 12-24 week plan aimed at beginners who are looking to start incorporating weight lifting into their training.

Each exercise is linked to a video example to ensure you understand how to perform them correctly.


- Bench & squat rack
- Barbell & weights
- Pull up bar
- Weight belt
- Dip set up

Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets for opening & editing progress spreadsheets.

Joseph Marx has trained parkour for over 16 years. He is a full-time parkour & gymnastics coach and has created parkour-specific workout plans for the last four years.


Will Fraser-Coombe has trained Parkour for over 11 years and has worked in the coaching & fitness industry for 8. His focus is strength and conditioning, and has coached hundreds of athletes, from beginners to world-class professionals


Also created by Joseph Marx