Inner World Crewneck

Inner World Crewneck
  • 50% of profits go towards Camila Stefaniu's injury recovery.
  • Washed green crewneck.
  • Inner World print to centre chest.
  • Heavyweight polycotton.
  • Beautifully oversized with drop shoulder.
  • 280gsm polycotton.
  • Camila is 5'2" (161cm) wearing size Large for a very oversized look.

Artwork by @Camila Stefaniu

About Camila's Recovery

As many of you are aware, back in January, after already enduring a year of niggling pain & very hindering injuries, sponsored athlete Camila Stefaniu tragically broke her ankle just as she was starting to return to training.

As a Brazilian living in Portugal, surgery, recovery & any necessary further treatment are expensive and unavoidable costs as she returns to parkour. Thankfully, the community has shown incredible support in raising money to pay via a GoFundMe; however, bills continue to accumulate. 

Camila is undoubtedly a skilled and passionate artist, and she has focused on utilising these skills to help her through her recovery since the injury. 

Therefore, to raise more money to support Camila's recovery, we have teamed up with her to release the limited edition 'Inner World' crewneck featuring one of her artworks. 

Initially, this crewneck was intended to be one of three items; however, stock shortages have caused delays to the two other designs. These will hopefully be released in the not too distant future.