Sole Destroyer - A Parkour Film

  • At the top of their game, The Motus Projects athletes push themselves through their physical and mental limits in this honest and uncompromising representation of the ever-evolving sport of Parkour.

    Sole Destroyer combines bold, action-packed sequences with the raw and telling moments of the battles behind the movements. Flitting from dynamic cinematography to the youthful rowdiness that Motus is so renowned for, the film is undoubtedly the brands greatest achievement so far.

    Through elation, stress, injury and laughter, their friendship forms the ultimate key to their success. Sole Destroyer is sure to leave a lasting impression, both on the viewer, and on the sport of Parkour as a whole.

    Release date: June 28th 2020

    Runtime: 40 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Mark P. (Toronto, CA)
Just watch this video!

Sole Destroyer is a clever combination of polished parkour and insightful BTS segments. Documentary fans will get into it. Parkour enthusiasts will definitely dig it.

Christopher Timm (Hilton Head Island, US)
great inspiration

I put off buying this film for way too long. I thought it would be a waste money to buy a parkour video but I have rewatched it atleast 10 times. it perfectly represents real parkour and puts you in a great mood to go out and push boundaries mentally and physically. You have to buy deluxe the directors commentary is v interesting and the vlogs are hillarious. I use the wall papers for my phone too.

Umar Terimzi (Queens, US)
My Soul has gone!!!!!

It destroyed my soul very good movie 10/10 highly recommend it.

Chappy (Sandy, US)
Fucking sick

I’ve never spent money on digital parkour content, but this changed that stance for me completely. This project is incredibly well done, the music fucking bangs, you can tell the boys hit it fucking hard, and the bonus content is 100% worth every penny.

Fidelia (Los Angeles, US)

40 minutes of insane parkour with S-tier cinematography and editing. Music was choice too. Not sure what more to say.

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