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Key Clip

People are like 'bro why would I want a key lanyard' until they get one and their life immediately improves by 1047%

No more fumbling around to drag your keys out of your pocket. Grab the lanyard, pull them out and swing your keys around like you're fending off ninjas with nunchucks. 

None of us can work out the correct way to attach our keys so we've provided some examples of how we do it. 

Giles sometimes borrows his mum's car so uses the clip for that.

Kelan (VW) uses the clip to hang his keys from his belt.

Marx (no car because he's a city boy) uses the clips for his keys.

100% Polyester webbing

6 inches long

Customer Reviews

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Bizarrely Useful

The flight-tag lanyard has been a favourite of mine for a long time. When you're aimlessly digging around your pocket, there's plenty of material for your hand to find quickly, but it's still lightweight enough not to be a nuisance. I attach the ring to the fabric end, leaving the clip free to hang on my bag, belt loop, etc.

The only thing that could possibly make this more useful is a bottle-opener. Just saying.