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Robbie Griffith

Age: 19

Time training: 8 years

How would you describe your style as a Parkour athlete?

I try to stay as all-round as possible but I think my main love and style is becoming more based around descent type movements. Also, I will obviously never stray away from my bars!

What is your favourite aspect of the sport?

The creativity and how that comes out within the community whilst meeting and training with loads of new people.

When you are not training parkour how do you fill your time?

Mostly with other sports like rock climbing and high diving and all sorts of different extreme sports as I am training towards getting on the British Stunt Register.

Is Parkour your full-time job and If not what do you do on the side?

Parkour coaching and performance/video shoot jobs are my main income but I also do some part-time labouring work on the side.

Within parkour are you pushing towards any goals or challenges?

I have loads of long term goals and jumps I’d like to tick off but I guess movement wise I’m trying to widen my arsenal of flips and become more comfortable with them!

If you were not able to choose parkour what other sport would you like to pursue toward a professional level?

Probably trampolining as I spent a lot of years training and competing in that intensively but I’ve also always loved skateboarding although I would hardly consider myself anywhere near a pro at that!

What is your favourite part of being a part of Motus?

The family-like friendships I’ve made along with the memories and training we create!

What are your favourite and most memorable trips you have been on with Motus and are there any places you wish to go too in the future?

First USA tour was by far my favourite trip I have been on in my life never mind with Motus. Nowhere specific for the future, I just hope that we go away together more because I love when we're on the road!

Motus is a collective of very close and good mates but is there anybody in specific within Motus you find yourself working with the best?

I find that because of how many projects Johnston and I have done together, we jam really well and can be super productive. But training-wise, all the boys are super fun and hype me up! Specifically, Max, Luke and Kelan tend to push me to do bigger/scarier things I wouldn’t t usually do. I feel like they give me so much energy when we all meet up!

Where would you like to see yourself and Motus within the next 5 years?

I would just love to see Motus continue to grow into the awesome brand it really is and continue to push the same values!

What is your taste in music?

Super varied but my main genre is Oldschool American hip hop/rap.

What is your favourite food?

 Easy, chocolate!

What is your favourite piece from the new Sole Destroyer collection & why?

The dust coloured Tour T-Shirt because of the amazing baggy fit and I love the colour.