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Jordan Tyler Lea

Age: 22

Time Training: 6 Years

How would you describe your style as a Parkour athlete?

I would say my style as a Parkour athlete is a hard one to define as I try to make myself as well rounded as possible. However, if there is one style that pops into my head when defining my own movement it is definitely skill and challenge orientated. When training or putting together runs I definitely see myself looking more for a big 180 or a technical swing challenge than linking together a lot of flips with a bum roll. By all means that style is sick... but just not me! This is definitely a big reason why I enjoy swings so much in parkour because being able to see a bar and a wall far away from each other and being able to overcome the physical feat of swinging from that bar to a wall really appeals to me. Although, like I said I try to make myself as well rounded as possible so when building lines I always try to think a little bit out of my comfort zone and try to add some creative flair when possible with various flips and movements.

What is your favourite aspect of the sport?

By far my favourite aspect of the sport is swings and always has been, it definitely shows within my movement and is a big factor in why I enjoy park training so much. It's just fun... kicking up to handstand on top of a bar and having the body control and awareness to then propel yourself from that bar and land on another bar or wall precisely and accurately fills me with so much adrenaline and joy! I also feel like it is one of the harder aspects of the sport when it comes down to line building and getting good runs. Creating a good technical run on bars can be very tedious and difficult but once I've overcome it, it's is so rewarding.

When you are not training Parkour how do you fill your time?

When not training I tend to fill my time with 3 main things, climbing, photography and working. I've always enjoyed climbing and bouldering and it definitely fits in well with Parkour. It makes me stronger and more controlled with my upper body allowing dynamic Parkour movements such as dynos and 180ʼs feel quite natural. Having access to beautiful nature in Norway allows me to take a train 20 minutes from the centre up into the woods and capture a lot of lovely photos. Photography has always been something I find joy in and something I am looking to pursue to a professional level in the future. So not training usually means Iʼm out in the forest with friends capturing shots and bouldering. Secondly, my time is mostly filled up with working... nothing more to be said, have to work to pay bills!

Is Parkour your full-time job and If not what do you do on the side?

 Alongside all the Parkour stuff I do for myself and Motus, I work in a small restaurant located in the centre of Oslo. I live in a different country to my home and not with my parents which means money is a necessity. Parkour gives me soo many amazing opportunities but as of yet, not a full salary. I emphasise ‘as of yetʼ.

Within parkour are you pushing towards any goals or challenges?

 My goals for this year with Parkour, like last year, are to attend as many events and competitions as possible and try and do as well as I could. I really want to create a hard-hitting video of myself and my own movement which is something Iʼm working on this year. The only complications are I have nobody to record me. Another goal of mine is to also simply train around Oslo ticking off many challenges I have spotted but not yet done.

If you were not able to choose Parkour what other sport would you like to pursue toward a professional level?

This is a very hard question because I can think of so many sports I would love to pursue to a professional level however the main two that stand out are snowboarding and climbing. If I then dial those two down to one I think It would have to be climbing. Snowboarding is just overall cool, very exhilarating and takes a lot of skill however there is something about climbing that just makes me wish I was up there with the pros. I guess the main reason is that in a way you basically become superhuman. So incredibly strong and able to complete incredible and almost impossible physical feats that most people couldnʼt even dream off. I guess this is also where my mindset is at with Parkour and why I find myself orientating around skill and a challenge based style.

What is your favourite part of being a part of Motus?

It sounds very cliche however my favourite aspect of being part of Motus is being a part of something bigger and feeling involved. Motus has given me opportunities to give so much to the community and I only want to keep on giving more. Before I was sponsored it was difficult to feel like I was benefitting the community apart from the occasional good Instagram post. Whereas being sponsored has allowed me to create Youtube content; the Sole Destroyer Photo Book and have an input of future products and projects. 

What are your favourite and most memorable trips you have been on with Motus and are there any places you wish to go too in the future?

My time with Motus has been a lot shorter than the other boys however my most memorable trip was definitely America in the summer of 2019. I have always wanted to get the chance to go to Woodward and NAPC and to then be an invited guest to Woodward was just a dream come true! Then to top that I got to experience the trip and the mayhem with all of the boys who I can say are now close friends, it just made the trip an unforgettable experience. Then due to that, we gained Cinnamon Toast Crunch a YouTube video we created from the trip and that was my first ever big video project I worked on with Motus. For the future, I would love to visit Asia and I feel like I speak for the majority of the boys when I say that. A project shooting and training in Asia is definitely on the cards!

Motus is a collective of very close and good mates but is there anybody specifically within Motus you find yourself working best with?

Again, my time with Motus is a lot shorter than the rest, however, from the start, I always felt like I fit in. I managed to create good friendships with all of the boys and I'm glad I can call them all my close mates. However, I have definitely spent the most time with Kelan and I feel like I work the best with him. Our work ethic and mindset towards training and Motus is very similar and from the past video projects, I can see we both really work with each other to get runs and the best possible outcome.

Where would you like to see yourself and Motus within the next 5 years?

For myself, I would love to be in a place where I'm earning a living through Parkour with Motus. I would like to see In 5 years that the brand is big enough to employ me for things such as media work, shooting photos etc. I understand that this takes a lot of work and you do not get anything for free. I know that in order for this to happen I need to do as much work as possible to help the brand grow. Doing that will give me a large portfolio which then I can get job opportunities to do work for other people through Motus. I would also love to see the brand have grown to a point where we see Motus in streetwear stores and we finally branch out to a bigger audience than just the parkour community.

What is your taste in music?

Due to Giles, I donʼt even know anymore. My music taste has always been quite vague and Iʼve always been very diverse. However, as of recently and due to Gilesʼ influence I have gotten into the heavier genre of music. I really enjoy Metal and punk, examples of bands are ʼStray From The Pathʼ and ‘Architectsʼ. However, like I said I have a very diverse taste in music so I also enjoy Grime, Hip Hop and RNB music.

What is your favourite food?

Favourite food is a touchy subject for me and you will know what I'm talking about if you read my introduction to being sponsored. Basically I am allergic to the majority of foods and have to be quite careful about what I eat however my favourite food has to be an Indian curry. It's the majority of what I eat when Iʼm in the house and I really enjoy cooking, so curries are the best option for me. Love a good vegetable Jalfrezi or Vindaloo, I am also very fond of spice so it has to be topped with siracha sauce.

What is your favourite piece from the new Sole Destroyer collection & why?

Sole Destroyer is a collection that I am very happy to be part off and work on, which definitely influences my favourite piece from the collection. I love all of the clothes from the collection however my favourite piece has to be the Photo Book because it is the piece from the collection I worked on and is very meaningful to me. Being able to use photos myself & Luke took to create a professional-looking photo book for somebody to purchase fills me with a feeling of accomplishment. I have always wanted to document my work through a physical zine or photo book and I can finally say I have accomplished just that to a very good standard!