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Winter Reps

The concepts of 'Hard Winter Training' & 'Winter Miles' are found scattered throughout many of today's sports, and their roots lie in the Stoic movement born from Ancient Greece.

Back then, while wars would cease in the winter months, soldiers would continue to train throughout them to be more prepared for the spring & summer months that followed.

Essentially, the more time they put into enduring hard things and mentally preparing to kill enemies, rather than watching whatever the Greeks had on Netflix back then, the better they would be at the killing part once the killing seasons rolled back around.

It makes sense, right?

Now thankfully, in 2021, the majority of us aren't gearing up to chop each other heads off on the battlefield but, a lot of us do like to partake in sports & exercise. Hence the continued practice of these Stoic concepts.

Endurance athletes like runners will endure 'Winter Miles' in preparation for race seasons, while powerlifters and others who like to lift heavy stuff will often shape their routines with a focus on a winter of bulking and building and a summer of performance and looking absolutely mental in tiny pants and fake tan.

The same tactics can even be seen in parkour, whether consciously in the handful of athletes who actually treat themselves like... well, athletes. Or, in the majority, who change their training style, often out of necessity, due to the weather conditions that winter brings.

It's hard to be hitting huge gaps and flip pre's when wind, rain, moss and porous surfaces come together to make walking along a low wall even feel precarious.

If you're reading this from one of those countries somehow blessed with eternal sunshine, then I hope you feel sweaty and disgusting.

So what do we do? We scale things back, focus less on huge power challenges and high-risk technical lines and instead, we rep.

We repeat lines, landings and challenges we know we can complete safely, even in less than ideal conditions. We repeat climb-ups, squats and deadlifts in the hopes that next spring, when it's finally dry enough, we might be able to complete that challenge we failed on so many times throughout summer.

In short, we rep.

The Winter Reps collection is comprised of performance blend hoodies, heavy t-shirts, long sleeves, headwear & accessories and was created to aid you as you purposely choose to face adversity through these winter months.

Release info to be released soon.




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