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Film Teaser: Initial Thoughts

For those of you like me, who couldn’t afford a pre-order of those sick-ass new pants, I will be writing about the exclusive new teaser of The Motus Projects feature film that is rumored to be coming out early next year. After spending two long months between new Motus videos, seeing the opening of the teaser with Kelan, Max, and Sam was heartwarming. Knowing these goofs are hard at work on a new feature-length project has me chomping at the bit for more.

The boys opening the video.

The sneak peek of this project harkens back to Spitting in The Wind, returning to an interview-based storytelling style. The return feels comforting and familiar; eliciting warm memories of Kelan spitting on people and promoting the family vibe that Motus has so effectively cultivated. It only seems natural that the flow team athletes should be included in this venture, and provide their energies to this monumental effort. It’s a welcome sight to see the whole team together. Even in excerpts and jump-cuts. 

Each athlete interview in the snippet seemed to focus on the beauty of inclusion. The unique experience to be had by bringing together as much of the team as possible and uniting the varied perspectives of the individuals into a cohesive whole. The perspective of each athlete is so valuable, and as Max affirms in the teaser, “Each person is going through the most unique version of reality… We’re all learning and growing off of one another.” The disparate pieces from all over the U.K. and Minneapolis, coming together for the common goal of celebrating movement, makes this project one that promises to be something extraordinary. 

The parkour in the excerpt consists of unfinished runs, and satisfying sticks meant to dangle the proverbial carrot in front of the faces of the pk community. And it works incredibly well. I want to see the end of Travis palm-fulling a light post, and I want to witness Johnstone’s “biggest jump of the year.” The dynamism of the excerpt is only heightened by the quick cuts and wild shots of the team celebrating insane feats. From a physicality standpoint, this yet unnamed project looks every bit as hard-hitting as Sole Destroyer, and will only add to the legacy of The Motus Projects. 

The whole experience oozes community value, and feels very much like an extension of the arm of The Motus Projects directly to their viewers. This excerpt is affirming for those like me who have missed the weekly uploads; a gracious thank-you to those whose continued support keeps this mighty ship afloat. Thankfully, it seems the long wait may finally be nearing its end. Giles has announced the return of The Motus Prodcast, the move to a new office location, and the addition of a new non-athlete team member. For all of the new info surrounding Motus, check out the latest YouTube video on The Motus Projects channel. Motus is growing and improving, all thanks to community support. 

The final question you might have is, “Is the pre-order price worth the teaser?” And I all have to say is in the immortal words of Giles Campbell Longley, “The teaser is worth the price. Full stop.”

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