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4TLOM Winter 2018 | Unlocked

As we have done for the last 3 or 4 years, we travelled out to Den Haag in Holland for Jump Freerun’s premier training event - For The Love Of Movement (commonly known as 4TLOM.)

Specifically, we were attending the winter addition of 4TLOM which has always been a favourite of many attendees. This favouritism could likely be a factor in Jump Freerun’s recent decision to no longer run the summer edition of 4TLOM (2018 was the last year it took place) and to focus everything on the winter event. 

What started out as a small European event now attracts guests from as far away as the U.S & Australia which is made more impressive considering the event takes place in the small gap between Christmas & New Year. In fact, the winter 2018 event was the first year that the organisers took steps to reduce the number of attendees to ensure people are still able to train safely!

With regards to actual Parkour, you can gauge from the full episode of Unlocked, 4TLOM doesn’t necessarily provide the best training environment (although you can manage some incredible sessions if you time it right) but more focuses on providing a space in which you can cultivate your bonds with the Parkour community.

While Mark, Philip & the Jump Freerun team do put a focus on building an outstanding training set up, they spread this evenly with ensuring that all attendees have the best possible experience. Meals are provided three times a day, showers & toilets are kept as clean as possible & the communal sleeping areas, while hectic to look at, provide the perfect place for 400 traceurs to sleep. On top of this, Parkour brands are invited to sell their products at the marketplace & the final nights after party is always one to be (barely) remembered.

This event is a testament of what a group of like-minded individuals, with a love for movement and their community, can do when they put their heads together. 

Watch the full episode of Unlocked below: