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Spitting In The Wind - The North American Parkour Championships

So after a pretty non stop & hectic drive north, we arrived in Seattle to meet the rest of the group at the incredible Freeway Park. Freeway Park is one of those outstanding spots that just has to be seen in person... Which is lucky really as we didn't document our time there aside from capturing some incredible runs!

Unfortunately Marx suffered a pretty horrendous impact to his shoulder during a failed roll bomb attempt which was quickly evident that it might effect his chances of training throughout the rest of the trip.

After filming and some incredible pizza we managed to squeeze in an evening gym session at the Parkour Visions Gym where those who weren't already knackered, made sure they were by the end of the night! 

After dropping off the van & catching the train into Vancouver we were greeted by Rene (owner of Origins Parkour) & his wife who promptly took us to our accommodation. Where we were staying was actually a condo that had been donated to us by one of the parents of some kids who attend the Origins gym. It's acts of kindness & generosity such as this that prove how special the Parkour community is!

When planning this tour we had originally planned to finish on the west coast of the U.S but after realising that the NAPC was taking place we couldn't resist making the trip to attend. I feel we were primarily driven by the desire to hang out with friends & meet new athletes but at the same time everyone was up for giving the qualifiers a shot. I would never really consider Motus to be especially driven to be a competitive team but theres no denying that recently members have had a solid amount of success throughout the various formats of competition that exist in our sport. 

We had been travelling into Canada with Kie, Lynn, Eric & Joe from Storm Freerun and had started to throw around the term 'The British Invasion' simply due to the sheer numbers of our group. This term was even more solidified in our heads on the day of the qualifiers when not only did the British have an incredible presence at the event (we were also joined by the guys from Deep South) but by the end of the day we had ranked highly across all formats of the qualifying comps.

NAPC Qualifier results:

Tim Champion (UK)
Robbie Griffith (UK)
Eric Moor (UK)
Seth Rujiraviriyapinyo (U.S)

Max Barker (UK)
Robbie Griffith (UK)
Luke Stones (UK)

Bob Reece (U.S)
Tyler Puterbaugh (U.S)
Max Barker (UK)

As you can see from the above, the British had invaded. It was just up to the next two days of the competition to see was going to claim victory. 

The NAPC is run over two days due to the numerous formats & the equal spread of men & women divisions. The days were long & pretty non stop but thanks to everyone running the event, everything went incredibly smoothly. 

The Skill round was a fierce battle that really came down to the consistency of each athlete involved. It was undeniable that everyone taking part could complete the challenges given enough preparation & attempts but when given a time limit or a set number of tries the stakes get upped dramatically! The thing I love about skill competitions is there is no subjectivity. The athletes who performed best on the day end up winning & it's as simple as that. We're all incredibly proud of Robbie Griffith who aged just 16 & having never competed before ended up taking joint 4th place with Eric Moor. 

The mens speed round was where the real surprises happened. Joseph Henderson, last years speed champion & the clear favourite of the event had an unfortunate slip up during his second run which allowed our very own Max Barker to narrowly clinch first place. Given that Max had only ever competed in a speed comp once before & never against such a stacked lineup of athletes, I think it was safe to say we were all ecstatic with his accomplishment. However there's no denying the speed of Joe Hendo. Even with a considerable pause in his run he only lost out to first place by a fraction of a second and would have dominated if it hadn't happened.

The style comp was a spectacle of monstrous tricks & combos from everyone involved & both men & women's podiums showcased the 6 athletes who were prepared to throw down the hardest when it really mattered. The final big trick section is a great addition to really separate it from other style comps & an incredibly nerve-wracking experience to watch.

Overall the NAPC was an incredible event to attend & it's most definitely one of the most premiere competitions in Parkour & Freerunning.

The rest of our days in Vancouver were spent relaxing, cliff jumping & just generally reflecting on everything that had gone down over the last 5 weeks. Another blog on this topic is to be expected...

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