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Spitting In The Wind - We Got Robbed!

We arrived in San Francisco late into the afternoon to meet up with Ryan Kelly and few of the local athletes. We left our van parked in a rather sketchy looking parking lot & spent a couple of hours training at a fun spot nearby. Training went well & we all returned back to the parking lot to find our van...... still parked where we left it.

We then made our way over to the bunkers which is a famous training spot located right next to the Golden Gate Bridge. We parked the van in a well populated car park (the type a family would park their minivan in before going to see a nice viewpoint) and walked over to the spot.

After maybe an hour at the spot Johnston walked back to the van to grab his glidecam so he could film a couple of final shots before we left. He got his gear, locked up the van & came back to the spot a mere 50 meters away.

After maybe 10 minutes of filming we walked back to the van to find the side window smashed and three backpacks stolen belonging to Max, Robbie & Kelan. Contents of the bags included laptops, hard drives, cameras, games consoles, wallets & most importantly passports.

To say we were devastated is an understatement & I don't think I will ever forget the moment of first realising that the window had been smashed & the boys had had possessions taken.

After the stress of talking to the police & swapping out our rental van we finally got some much needed sleep at Ryan Kelly's. Ryan & his family were incredibly generous & made sorting out this whole situation so much easier. After a lot of hassle we finally made it possible for the others to carry on up North on our intended route along with Kie Willis & Lynn Jung. Myself, Ryan, Robbie & Max would stay behind to visit the embassy when it opened on Monday.

The one benefit of this scenario was that it bought us more time in SF & meant we could have a few hours of training at the incredible Apex Nor Cal gym.

Monday brought us an early morning trip to the embassy & a chance to see the much anticipated solar eclipse. For the others who were now halfway through Oregon they were greeted by clear sky & over 2 minutes of totality. For us, a rush from the embassy to an area not shadowed by buildings to see the sun covered by a slither of moon & a whole load of clouds. We couldn't complain that much though as within an hour the emergency passports had been sorted & we were driving north to meet up with the others in Seattle.

A word to anyone who is planning on breaking into someone else's vehicle or property to steal stuff for your own personal gain or so you can sell it & inject the profits into your veins... Don't be a dick.

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