Spitting In The Wind - 48 Hours In NYC

By the time we had endured the traffic & checked into our Air BnB we had less than 48 hours in New York City.

We wasted no time & despite it being past 11PM, hopped on a pretty sketchy bus into the city to try and get the touristy crap out the way first. Most of the guys had never been to the U.S before & to were keen to check out Times Square and get a feel for the city that never sleeps.

I don't think anything could have prepared them for how horrifically busy that small area of the city is, even though at this time it was way past midnight. After everyones senses were adequately assaulted we made our way back to try and get some rest before the following day of training.

After a slow start we met up with Steve Zavitz and a few others from the Parkour NYC community. Our first location of the day was Battery Park which is home to some of the most iconic training spots the city can offer.

The boys instantly set about getting stuck into all the challenges they had seen in videos & it wasn't long before Robbie set his eyes on the ridiculous side flip precision Greg Eckles did a few years back.

After some serious preparation he executed the side flip perfectly & even went back for a second round to add a finishing touch.

The locals then took us across to Staten Island on the ferry which provides you with incredible views of the skyline & the Statue of Liberty all for free?! The island was an interesting place to say the least but it provided some awesome spots & we ended the evening traversing around an entire block of buildings.

After another incredible ferry ride back into the city we made our way back to our house before packing up & getting ready to head to Camp Woodward! 

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