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Spitting In The Wind - A Flint Water Crisis

After dragging the guys out of bed & tearing them away from their new favourite place in the world, Camp Woodward, we settled in for the long drive to Flint, Michigan.

Flint is, and I mean with this with no offence meant, the last type of place a group of young lads from the UK would ever want to visit unless it was for something bizarre such as jumping off walls. The city has had numerous economic crises, has an incredibly high crime rate & recently faced a major health emergency due to lead poisoning in the drinking water. However what it does have going for it is one of the most mindblowing-ly insane Parkour spots ever discovered, The Grand Fountain.

I've been to the fountain two times over the last couple of years & the water has never been running. Everyone had presumed it to be abandoned and even potentially close to demolition. When we rolled up late in the evening the day before we were due to shoot there the water was in full flow. Even the locals had no idea what was going on. At first we thought our plans had been ruined but we soon realised it just meant everyone had to adapt their movement to work around the numerous pools of flowing water.

After a night at our hotel which had generously been organised by Cory Demeyers' mother we made our way back to the centre of Flint to spend our single day in the city pumping out as much content as possible. Thankfully we had the weather on our side & aside from Kelan who had the most spectacular ankle thing I have ever seen, everyone was on good form.

As always, I wish we had more time at this location but now that the treat of demolition seems to be off the table, I'm sure we'l be back!

Big up to Evan Boschma & his family for spending time with us & providing us with an incredible meal!

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