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Spitting In The Wind - Chaos At Camp Woodward

Our third stop on the tour was Camp Woodward where the sponsored athletes had been invited as 'invited athletes.' Annoyingly due to time restrictions we could only stay at camp for 4 days but we made sure to make the most of it.

The days were long & hot so time was spent between the Parkour Park, the swimming pool & the many incredible parks built for other action sports.

Camp Woodward is an incredibly special place that harnesses the energy of all action sports so well. It's so great to walk around & see the size of the presence sports such as Skateboarding & BMX have and envision Parkour on the same level in years to come.

It may not have been our most productive period of this tour but I don't think anyone had any regrets!

Next stop, Flint!

Woodward The Motus Projects Compilation

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