Spitting In The Wind - Battling Boulder

August 24, 2017 1 min read

Spitting In The Wind - Battling Boulder

After leaving Flint, we took on the 20 hour drive to Colorado & somehow managed to get it done within the space of a day. Thus buying us one extra day of training in Colorado. This simply wouldn't have been possible without the endurance driving skills of @Somewhere.Somewhen.

We arrived late into the evening to be greeted by Brandon Douglass from Myrm along with Storm Freerun athletes Eric Moor & Joseph Henderson. All of which were high off life having just seen Alt-J at the Red Rocks.

To be honest our time in Colorado was a little disappointing but this could easily be due to setting our expectations too high. Boulder is one of my favourite places in the world & I had hyped the city to the guys. Annoyingly our days were constantly interrupted by bad weather and the non stop presence of security & police. We managed to hit up a few of the classic spots but our time was always limited.

Where Colorado really shone through for us was through the incredible APEX Movement facilities found in Denver & Boulder.  We spent considerable time at both gyms training with local athletes & everyone threw done some incredible movement.

We may not have had the best experience in Colorado in regards to training but the strength of their community made up for it tenfold. A huge thank you to Brandon, Knox & everyone else who showed us hospitality.

Moving forward for the rest of the tour we were to be joined by Eric Moor & Joseph Henderson & we couldn't be happier to have them with us!

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