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The ATO Collection - A push for technical functionality

The Adapt to Overcome collection was born from a desire to push the technicality of Parkour specific clothing to a new level. Comprised of quality fabrics and with a focus on functionality, the ATO collection seeks to blur the lines between training gear & everyday streetwear.

Parkour Freerunning Clothing Streetwear Adapt To Overcome ATO Long Track Jacket Parkour Freerunning Clothing Streetwear Adapt To Overcome ATO Long Sleeve Shirt

The decision about what type of garments to make was made early on and t-shirts and long sleeves were the fairly obvious items to experiment with first. However we were looking for a challenge so set our sights on more advanced items such as windbreakers, joggers and backpacks. It was here that we could really experiment and improve the usability of each item.

You can read more about the ATO Backpack design process here.

Taking (maybe a little too much) inspiration from other existing items is an easy path to go down, (and one walked a little too often by certain others) but we wanted to do more than that. We looked at each piece and worked on technical ways to make the item more functional whilst still remaining practical to wear & cost effective to produce.

Hundreds of sketches, mockups & samples later, the Adapt To Overcome collection began to take shape. 

With the windbreakers we investigated different ways to make the item easier to put on, more effective ways at handling different weather conditions & even other methods of transporting them. 


With the hoodie & joggers we tried to focus on the fact our market is global & the winter season has a varied climate around the world. Winter in California is very different to winter in England. Therefore, rather than focus on super thick fabrics, we placed emphasis on looser more lightweight items that can be layered easily, but also offered functional elements such as thumb holes & vented mesh side pockets that can be adjusted for climate control.

Monochrome pieces will always be a significant and signature part of our clothing, but we wanted to push towards incorporating some colour into this collection (something you will certainly see more of in the future.) Adding in a deep red amongst the black & white was the finishing touch to unite each item in the most cohesive collection we have ever produced.

However, nothing ever seems to go exactly to plan... Our first priority and aim is always to deliver the best possible product that we can.  To ensure that our manufacturers fulfil this aim we have had to delay 3 items of the ATO collection until January. We can safely say we now have the pieces designed to the level of quality that we are happy with, but getting to that stage meant they went into production behind the other half of the collection.

Many apologies for the delay - however the wait will be worth it....

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