Resurgence | Motus x RUN LDN

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After the success of the Origins Collection & its release video; we turned our eyes onto what is nowadays considered the capital of Parkour. Due to the growth of small town communities & the destruction of iconic spots, the London scene has dwindled in recent years. We wanted to change that. we got together with RUN LDN & set about to create a new wave of interest by showcasing the cities' rising talent and the locations in which they train.

The key focus of this video project was to draw attention to the fact London has an abundance of incredible training spots. With the tragic loss of spots such as Vauxhall, Junkies Jungle & The Heygate Estate, many have made the assumption that all that is left is IMAX.

London has some of the best transport links in the world & every spot featured in the video is no more than a 30 minute train ride from IMAX.

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