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Resilience | An interview with Camila Stefaniu

Before we get stuck in. What is your favourite genre of music?

I like almost everything! It depends on the vibe of the day/situation, I'm always opened for something new. Usually, I listen to hip hop/rap, especially Brazilian rap music because I think it connects myself with the society I grew up in and makes me have cool reflections/feelings, also people here are really creative in their compositions there is a wide variety of styles in the same genre.

On to more serious matters… How and when did you first start training Parkour?

In 2011, my brother and I accidentally watched 'Jump London' on a random TV
channel. Then we started to search about Parkour on a few internet blogs and watched videos on YouTube. We would watch these videos and try our best to copy what we had seen... classic! 


(Camila at a young age doing a side flip on her bed. What a legend.)

There weren't any classes or groups for training, so we started it out in the streets of my hometown with some friends.

I’ve noticed via some of your posts on Instagram that you have quite a creative eye when it comes to drawing and painting. If you weren’t doing Parkour, do you think you would want to study something within the creative arts?

Yes for sure! I even got approved in a public university in Brazil to study graphic design but I didnt finish the registration, anyway, I still think about studying something related to arts/design in the future, who knows right?

Other than Parkour, what makes you happy on a daily basis?

Bike rides with some music are always a good option! I also enjoy drawing, reading, learning something new, walking with my dogs... there’s a lot of things that I can do to have a good day. I love to talk with people, share knowledge, memories or experiences or just hang out with mates.

So, we know that your home country is Brazil. Where is your home town/city? Does it have an active community or do you have to travel to neighbouring cities?

It's a small city called “Cornélio Procópio”. Its in one of the southern states of Brazil (Paraná st.). As I said before, when we started training there and even a few years later we used to have a small training group, but since 2016 there is no longer an active community there. I trained alone until I moved to another city at the end of 2017 and even until today, when I go back to my hometown I continue training alone, however, sometimes I travel to a bigger city that is a bit closer to see some friends and jump around.

If you were to live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

At the moment Lisbon, Portugal. But it can easily change.

You have travelled far and wide to Parkour competitions all around the world; from NAPC in Vancouver, Canada, and multiple more throughout the U.S., to Red Bull ‘Art of Motion’ in Matera, Italy and a plethora of different events throughout Europe. You definitely have shown confidence and to say the least, thrived when it comes to the competition environment.
What do you enjoy about taking part in Parkour competitions?

I feel like parkour competitions have quite a unique altruistic environment. My first contact with it was very different from what I had in some other sports that I’ve competed before (soccer, for example, has a much more aggressive atmosphere). So, I always enjoyed competing and challenging myself, knowing more about how my body and my mind works with some external pressure and having fun with it for sure.
When I decided to get more in touch with Parkour comps, I found myself in a way more comfortable and friendly place, which makes it much cooler than any other sport especially because my 'adversaries' are my friends!
Going to those events were also an opportunity and a more viable way to make people notice me in the worldwide community and a good way to earn some money to help me travel to more of these events and train around the world.

So it seems like you have had the opportunity to travel a considerable amount due to your relationship with Parkour. What has been your favourite Parkour trip so far?

Its difficult to have a favourite one so far! but I think my lastest trip to Europe in
2019/2020. I travelled to a few countries just to train, film stuff and meet new people, I went to 4tlom (which was a childhood dream coming true for me) and spent Christmas and New Years in Holland.

What is one life lesson that you have learnt, big or small, that you might want to share with the readers of this interview?

Resilience is a state of being that is achieved more easily if you work on self-understanding, trying to know more about the reality around you and focusing on the present moment; this is going to help you to create touchable plans. Have clearly in your mind what your goals are, believe and enjoy the daily process (results never come out of nowhere) and don't give up! Regardless of the difficulties in the trajectory, learn how to better adapt to them and go ahead.

Last but not least, what are 3 facts about you that people might not know?

  1. I stopped to grew up when I was 8 years old because of a growth hormone disease, and I had to take daily injections for years since then.
  2. I left my hometown when I was 15 to live alone in the capital of my state because I wanted to have more opportunities as an athlete and training structure
  3. When I was a kid I used to train and compete in a kind of horse race hahah.

Pleasure to have this inspiration of a young lady on the team. Excited for the future! To read the interviews with the other Flow athletes, head over to our Blog Page.