Product Development - The Impact Shirt

June 16, 2019 2 min read

Product Development - The Impact Shirt

Parkour specific clothing, as a market, is still in its infancy, which has meant that it's been an incredibly fun space to create and innovate products.

With each collection we have produced we have always strived to have at least one product that pushes the boat out a little from what the Parkour community would consider the norm. With Sole Destroyer, we applied this thinking to the entire collection & the Impact Shirt is the prime example of this.

Impact Shirt Parkour Clothing Freerunning Streetwear Sole Destroyer

The Impact Shirt was born from the desire to create a product we had not yet seen from Parkour brands (a summer shirt) as well as wanting to develop our own print pattern. During a session of brainstorming the idea of using the impact marks from shoes arose and this quickly became a key aspect of not only Sole Destroyer but also the SS19 Essential Collection.

I set about creating & capturing variations of impact marks with shoes as my paintbrush and large whiteboards as my canvas. I experimented with different inks & paints whilst performing arm jumps, precisions and take off's until I was happy I had enough to work with. Going into the process I didn't really know how the final print was going to look but I was wary of anything that too closely resembled a shoe print to avoid being cliche.

We ended up deciding on the smear marks left by my feet after an arm jump and once digitalised the process to create a repeating print was fairly straight forward.

Impact Shirt Parkour Clothing Freerunning Streetwear Sole Destroyer

Given the fairly bold and (dare I say it) impactful nature of the print, we wanted to run it across a few varied colourways to provide options for a target market who predominantly wear black clothing and settled on a classic black & white, a red and white to reflect other uses of red across Sole Destroyer and a very last minute grey on grey for those aiming for a more subtle look.

The Impact Shirt features a relaxed fit and is made sustainably from Modal to ensure breathability & a comfortable stretch.Impact Shirt Parkour Clothing Freerunning Streetwear Sole Destroyer


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