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Music On My Mind | Volume 7 | Max Barker

A monthly playlist of music curated by one of our sponsored athletes. A chance to delve into their mind, explore their tastes and hopefully come away with some new music to listen to.

Returning with a new playlist, Max Barker!

Festival season has just passed. These were my go to boogie tunes and brain bogglers, and will remain so for a very long time. Most of them have been acquired whilst not skanking, then have been applied to the skank, therefore, they are very much appropriate tunes to listen to while you are chilling, and are in a bit of a groove mood. 

If you enjoy listening to this playlist, I would definitely recommend checking out some of the artists behind these bangers. My personal favourites are; Tash Sultana, Groove Armada, Thundercat, FKJ, Disclosure, and The Orb

Party safe and drink lots of water. Even when you’re not partying. Water Is God.

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