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Music On My Mind | Volume 6 | Giles Campbell Longley

A monthly playlist of music curated by one of our team. A chance to delve into their mind, explore their tastes and hopefully come away with some new music to listen to.

This month, Giles!

My music taste has always been pretty varied but theres no doubt that it leans towards the heavy side. I've always had a huge appreciation of certain veins of hip hop, grime and electronic music however in recent years i've found my taste swaying more & more towards earth shattering breakdowns, blastbeats & agressive vocals. 

I try to sample a lot of new artists & genres but for the most part, the lyrics & subject matter play a huge part in the music that stays with me and I think this is why I often found myself drawn to the heavier stuff. An extra bonus point is gained by any band or artist thats able to put on a decent live show as well! 

There was an attempt to put these in a rough order and spread things out a bit so that you're not subjected to a constant wall of metal. Hopefully you are able to find something you enjoy!

(If you want some personal favourites, try #1, #6, #10, #19, #21, #23, #28, #33 & #38