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Music On My Mind | Volume 4 | Kelan Ryan

A monthly playlist of music curated by one of our sponsored athletes. A chance to delve into their mind, explore their tastes and hopefully come away with some new music to listen to.

This month, Kelan Ryan!

How does music make you feel? For me the songs and albums I hold close to me clear my mind and put me almost into a state of meditation. Songs like these are my favourite. They trigger something in my brain that gives me craving for adventures into nature and land that hasn’t been altered by man. This can sound strange to you but I love it! 

Examples: The 10 Sultanas Of Rudyard, Oxygène,  First - Consider the Lillies,  Le Voyage de Pénélope,  Le femme d’argent,  At the River, Venice Beach

Of course by listening through this playlist you will discover a handful of songs more on the “dance” and “electronic” spectrum. It gets me moving whilst still tapping into the mind. Some are merely a repetitive order of beats and synths but such a carefully chosen pattern that can create a feeling of being in deep space whilst forcing you to dance!  

Most of the songs have been introduced to me though my dad. I’m so grateful for that! 

Something he said is, “I enjoy music that has no face.” I think this is a big reason why I am not into a lot of the music my generation is listening to right now. Without a face or an image i don’t think about the person who is making the music (as harsh as it sounds) there is no glamorous person behind the mic or guitar i could compare myself to. Of course I would look up the artists I listen to from time to time so I can see what they are about. But for the most part; it’s just me and the music.

Words cannot describe exactly why these songs are so magical to me, so I will leave it there. Enjoy these carefully selected songs . I mostly listen to albums but I have managed to pick out my favourites from the past few months. Give them a go, they may sound a bit weird, some you will like and others you may hate. Don’t think about other people whilst listening, it’s just you and the music now. How does it make you feel?