Music On My Mind | Volume 2 | Luke Stones

April 01, 2019 3 min read

Music On My Mind | Volume 2 | Luke Stones

A monthly playlist of music curated by one of our sponsored athletes. A chance to delve into their mind, explore their tastes and hopefully come away with some new music to listen to.

This month, Luke Stones!

This is a playlist of the songs I’ve been listening to over March and February. I have a vast music taste and my playlists can range from calm soothing music to quite intense drum and bass with the skip of a song. The songs in this playlist mostly reflect the new music I’ve heard over the past month which often comes from friends sharing music or tracks I’ve found in videos.

During February, I was finishing a 1500 km cycle tour from Bangkok, Thailand to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia over 45 days with the legend Ed Hack. Ed’s been on a tour cycling from England and has covered over 20,000 km. This journey has taken him nearly a year now and I was fortunate enough to join him on the last leg of his tour in South East Asia. During his trip, he said that he’d found that drum and bass music was his genre of choice for cycling every day. He explained to me that the fast-constant beat was perfect for the long days of exercise under often severe heat.

Through his journey he played me some his favourite tracks and it gave me inspiration to add some drum and bass to my own playlist. One specific track that was a trip favourite for us had to be ‘Police in Helicopter’ Benny L Remix. One of my friends Sebastian Koci also had influence on my music habits while on the tour, he has previously told me about his interest in drum and bass and shown me some of his playlists. I happened to flick thorough a few after Ed telling me about it and some of happened to be the perfect songs to cycle to.

After returning home from my cycle trip in late February I have since been in the United States travelling to Colorado, Hawaii and San Francisco seeing friends and having a blast. While in Colorado I stayed with my friends from the team Try Hard Collective in Boulder, they influenced me with their music choices. These include more of a rap/hip hop genre including ‘Mama Cry’ by YNW Melly and ‘Gosha’ By $not. I was loving this style of music at the time because of the incredible chill vibes of Colorado.

Since being in Hawaii I’ve been staying with one of my school friends Ethan Gorman that moved out to the island in his young teens. I went to school with Ethan and have been friends with him since nursery at 3 years old. Seeing Ethan was the main reason for my trip to the USA as he’s one of my most loyal OG friends and it’s always a great time hanging out with the dude. The influence that Ethan’s put into the playlist is also more hip-hop, this includes ‘Maze’ by Juice WRLD and ‘I’ by lil skies.

All the other in songs in between you’ll hopefully love too, I wish that this playlist will be one that you’ll love to listen to in the morning when you wake up or on a long sunset drive. I hope you enjoyed my playlist and thank you all for your continued support, keep up to date
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Thanks, Luke.


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