Music on My Mind: Ethan Rud

March 09, 2022 3 min read

Music on My Mind: Ethan Rud

Borne of a casual conversation with Ethan Rud about the Misfits, he and I unilaterally decided to bring back the “Music on My Mind” blog series. It’s no secret that music is incredibly important to the individuals that make up Motus, and music has been intrinsically linked to parkour since the sport’s inception. From the early days of everyone playing Bliss and Eso, to the metal soundtracks of Sole Destroyer, to the lyrical brilliance of MF DOOM. The soundtracks to my favorite parkour videos have become mainstays of my Spotify playlists, going back years and years. The feeling of your favorite tracks being played in time with high level movement is indescribable. So, I asked Ethan to come up with a playlist for us to discuss, and he did not disappoint. His playlist is a raucous and genre-spanning experience that I would suggest to anyone who considers themselves interested in music. There are some insane bangers on this list, mixed in with much that I’d never had the pleasure of listening to prior. 

Me: Many of these songs explore self-deprecative themes, what entices you about the heaviness of some of these lyrics?

Ethan: I think some of these heavier songs can give off a kind of uncomfortable feeling, hearing hardcore after a couple chill songs is like taking a cold shower. I really enjoy a lot of different music, but hardcore with good lyrics is on its own level. Really chill songs as well as heavy songs by themselves can get mind numbing to me. I need a healthy mix when I’m listening to music.

Me: Would you say that you’re more intrigued by music or lyrics when you’re listening to music? Does that change when you’re training to a playlist?

Ethan: When I’m listening, I like to take in both the lyrics as well as the instrumentals. It’s fun for me trying to find new things in a song that I’ve  heard a hundred times, going back and really listening and I mean really, trying to understand what the message of the lyrics are and hearing each individual instrument in the background. When I’m training, usually I’m mainly taking in what the instrumental has to give. As well as finding new things to try at the spot that the music inspires me to come up with.

Me: Would this playlist change (song or style-wise) if you were training to it vs. just listening for pleasure? If so, how?

Ethan: When I’m training I love listening to literally anything. Usually I find myself moving to reggae and post hardcore the most. I try to tone it down a little bit, so I don’t play that many really heavy songs. Especially when I’m training with others trying to have a chill time. Completely depends on the vibe of the day for what gets played. 

Me: The variation in the playlist is absolutely amazing, from Fugazi, to Leonard Cohen, to Freda Payne. Can you talk about your process coming up with the tracks that belong on this playlist?

Ethan: It was pretty easy for me because I already have a similar playlist with a lot of my favorite songs and albums, so I just picked a few from there.

Me: Is this an example of your favorite songs, or just a taste of the styles of music you love? 

Ethan: I would say this playlist is a mix of songs from some of my favorite albums that happen to be on Spotify haha. A lot of the music I currently listen to is stuff I find on YouTube. I also didn’t put all of my very favorite songs on this playlist as I’m saving those for some future video projects. 

Me: If you could make a parkour video to one of the tracks on this playlist, which one and why?

Ethan: I would probably choose Woolworm by Indian summer, because it has a great build up and I love the drums on this track along with the vocals.

Me: If you could pick one track off of this playlist to give to the parkour community to listen to, which one would it be and why?

Ethan: I don’t think there’s one song that I could give to the parkour community that everyone would enjoy all the way through, but I do think everyone needs to listen to this song. I believe as a community we need to widen our horizons when it comes to music especially. This song would be on the list but it is not on Spotify unfortunately. The song is, tonystark - trailer

To those who wish to listen to Ethan’s playlist, I highly recommend doing so. Take it out training with you and try it on for size.

Photo Courtesy of Noah Heath

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