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Music on My Mind: David Blogg

This week we get a taste of the musical flavors that influence Motus’ resident seamster, Bloggy. Now, Bloggy surprised me when I asked him for a playlist. He responded with three separate playlists, each well over 30 hours in length. I quickly realized I was not going to have the time or manpower to attack these playlists with the vigor that they so rightfully deserve. With Bloggy’s blessing, I truncated the lists to their most recent additions for the sake of freshness.

Bloggy and I only had the chance to enjoy a brief conversation about his musical interests, and I will definitely be pursuing a further installment with our favorite couturier.

Me: How much importance do you place on lyrics vs. music?

Bloggy: I would say an even split but I listen to a lot of foreign music too. I tend to use music as a kinda diary that I constantly add to and change.

Me: If you could choose one song from this playlist to try and convince the parkour community to listen to, which would it be and why?

Bloggy: Nissim by The Gaslamp Killer, so good.

Me: If you could make a parkour video to one of these tracks, which one would it be and why?

Bloggy: Ordinary Man by Chinese Man is a good one I think.

Me: How many listens does a song get before finding its way onto a playlist of yours?

Bloggy: One listen honestly and if it’s a vibe then it’s in.

Me: How do your listening habits change when you’re training vs. doing anything else?

Bloggy: Hmm…they used to change a lot but now I’m a lot more comfortable with the weird stuff I listen to and don’t care so much anymore.


Bloggy’s playlist had a significant amount of music I’d never heard before, and I consider my taste in music fairly broad. I’d like to pick his mind further about cultivating a vibe. Let’s be perfectly honest, Bloggy is an excellent vibe cultivator. Have you seen his sleeping-bag suit? Excellence. But I digress; Bloggy’s playlist is eclectic and absolutely worth taking the time and giving it an in depth listen. Enjoy Bloggy’s playlist below.