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Jump Disclosure with Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor is well known as the weight training guru behind the mid 2010’s British Invasion, when his athletes were guarding every podium position to be had in parkour competition. Recently, Tom and his business partner Pablo (pictured below) began preparing to officially launch Tom’s passion project: a parkour hub with a wealth of information for anyone, from the serious parkour athlete to the casual jump enthusiast, known as Jump Disclosure. 

Me: What is Jump Disclosure?

Tom: Jump Disclosure aims to be the central hub for global parkour news and information. Through written journalism, the podcast, and the parkour calendar, I want to create cohesion. I want to unite and empower communities, organisations, businesses, and individuals by keeping them informed. 

Me: What inspired this monumental effort?

Tom: Parkour as a sport and industry will grow much faster and much larger if we are able to coordinate with each other. Knowing what is happening, where, and when is something hard to achieve right now as there is no one out there collecting information and laying it out for everyone to easily view in one place. All too often events end up clashing or lacking attendance, achievements go uncelebrated, or misinformation is spread through the rumour mill. Those are all problems we’re trying to solve.

Me: What are your goals for Jump Disclosure?

Tom: Right now, my goal is to have the whole project up and running. It’s a big project, but once the framework is in place and I’ve figured out the workflows, then it should be easier to focus on the content. Eventually I would like to be able to fund a full team of parkour journalists and content producers.

Me: How long have you been working on this?

Tom: This is a project I’ve had in my head and have started in various iterations for years. It always ended up being that I didn’t have the time, the skills, or any idea how to monetise it to make it self-sufficient. But now I have all three, and I decided to really put my full intent towards it right now.

Me: Is this a solo venture thus far?

Tom: Yeah, pretty much. Although, I have said I’m looking for volunteers. I want to offer the website as a platform for any aspiring writer or journalist, photographer, designer, or web developer in our community. As I said, my goal would be to build a team that will be paid, but initially it’s just me on a shoestring.

Me: Besides the upcoming event calendar, there’s a podcast, and news media. Are there hopes of further expansion, and what would that look like?

Tom: Yes, one thing I’d like to be able to do is send people to events and competitions to produce our own reporting first hand. Whilst the main podcast will be a fact driven and concise overview of the news, I’d also like to produce more in-depth and long form content.

Me: Obviously I love the idea of eventually paying parkour journalists for good content. How are you going to be monetizing this project?

Tom: I have a few ideas, I don’t want to put them out there yet though. Of course, Patreon is probably going to be the first thing I do though, once I can get content done and some other perks sorted like a discord. I plan on doing more long form content for Patreon subs, which would probably be more analysis of the news, whereas the free one will simply be reporting it. These are all nice-to-haves right now though. I’m fully focused on where I actually am, which is still working to get the website launched, the calendar filled, and the podcast going.

Me: When will the website launch? I know the plan was today wasn’t it?

Tom: Yeah I planned on today but I couldn’t get it done in time really. Which is fine. I don’t want to rush it. Having help would definitely speed things up, but it’s not imperative right now. It’s a self imposed deadline so it doesn’t matter. I will get it done, but I’m bad at judging how long things will take sometimes. 


Me: Do you plan on involving parkour brands for sponsorship or additional content?

Tom: Yeah, I want to work with events and competitions mainly, but if there’s anything I can do with anyone else then I’m always open to it. 

Me: How can the community help?

Tom: Right now, I could use all the help I can get. I’ve already had some help from Joseph Marx, who did my logo design. But, the best thing people can do that takes the least amount of effort is to send any information they have my way. My email is and I want to hear about anything upcoming or that’s happened in the past week that you think everyone should know about. 

After my conversation with Tom, I’m very excited at the prospect of a central location for accurate parkour information. I can’t count how many jams and events I’ve missed over the years due to my own lack of awareness and basic social skills. That aside, Jump Disclosure seems like the kind of forward development that parkour needs in order to build the parkour industry into a tangible and accessible marketplace with room for everyone. It’s efforts like these that will bolster the community, and hopefully provide Tom and others with the means to enjoy the sport we love as a fulfilling career. Anyone willing to lend their creative talents to Jump Disclosure, please reach out to Tom.