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'Jonny Jam' - In remembrance of Jonny Turner.

Photography by Travis Verkaik

On Saturday the 12th of September 2020 a Jam was held around the Southbank area of London in remembrance of Jonny Turner. @cyclist_91

'Demo' - as shown on the cover image above, was Jonny's Graffiti tag. Which multiple individuals within the Parkour community have now had tattooed on their skin as a dedication to Jonny. 

I never met Jonny, but I only ever heard good things about him. I have been told multiple times, whenever he came up in conversation, that he was such a genuine and enthusiastic person that always had a smile on his face.

'He was the beating heart and the blood that flowed through the Freerunning and urban exploration community in London. There was never anything negative he had to say about anyone or anything, he relished living in the moment and insisted he had his friends by his side.' - James Wood.  

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My heartfelt love goes out to you, Jonny, and your beautiful family and friends.

Below are a collection of photos that were taken at the Jam by Travis Verkaik. I’m sure this get-together of Parkour practitioners and friends of Jonny's, now known as ‘Jonny Jam’, will become an annual event, and continue to thrive with positive energy and remembrance as Jonny’s friends and family celebrate his life for years to come.

Rest in peace Jonny Turner.


Jamming at iMax. One of London's most well known Parkour spots.

A few words for Jonny. - Graffiti at iMax 




Sketch by Jonny. See more at @cyclist_91

End of day vibes. - St. Thomas Hospital, Southbank.

Sketch by Jonny. @cyclist_91

Thank you @verky_02 for taking some photos to help document this lovely day. 

Rest in peace Jonny.