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It Would Be Rude Not To! | An Interview With Ethan Rud

Firstly, what are your favourite and least favourite foods?

My favourite food is probably rice, and my least favourite food is octopus. I’ve never had octopus, but I’d imagine it’s pretty bad.

On to more serious matters... How and when did you first start training Parkour?

I first started training parkour in 2013 when I was about 11 years old. From what I can remember, I was just watching YouTube and I clicked on a video called ‘8-year-old does parkour’. At the time I was really into skateboarding, so when I saw the video I thought what he was doing was super cool! Not long after, I met a friend named Daniel Larson-Fine and he was who taught me a lot of what I can do. 

Despite Parkour, If you had all the time, resources and motivation in the world, what would your desired profession be?

I think it would be really fun to become a zoologist and work with animals.

What are the main driving factors when it comes to your training? What aspect of Parkour is most important to you?

Friends, having fun, and progression are huge driving factors. For me, the most important thing in parkour is definitely flow/creativity.

Other than Parkour, what makes you happy on a daily basis?

Music and nature are two things that make me very happy.

So, we know that your home city is Minneapolis. What are the positives and negatives of living and training there?

Minneapolis is packed with some very good spots and we have a great community full of really welcoming people. One big negative here is, in the winter we get so much snow and sometimes it can get down to -45 degrees C, which means lots of gym training. 

(Refer back to cover photo at top of page to see how much Ethan loves the snow.)

If you were to live anywhere in the world, in any situation, where and how would that be?

I would love to live somewhere in Germany. The landscape is so beautiful, and the pk community seems perfect. 

So it seems like you are good mates with Noah Heath aka NorthStreetBoogie. How did your guys’ relationship come into existence?

Noah and I first met at a competition In 2016 when he was about 18. A few years later, in 2019, he moved to Minneapolis where we met up again to train. It was sick because we had very similar training styles (which were different than most in our city). We spent a lot of that summer training and filming for a project he was working on. During that time we became really good friends. 

(Ethan and Noah listening out for the haters.)

What is one life lesson that you have learnt, big or small, that you might want to share with the readers of this interview?

Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet. 

Last but not least, what are 3 facts about you that people might not know?

  1. I’m a parkour coach.
  2. My torso is abnormally short.
  3. My last name is pronounced like rude.


It's a pleasure to have this funky fella on the team. Check out the interviews with the other Flow athletes on our Blog Page.