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MÜV MAG Issue 1 | In Review

As I first flicked through my copy of MÜV MAG - Issue 1, my mind was less focused on the content and more on the physical. Before I could even comprehend the quality of the magazine (which is outstanding by the way) I was too caught up in the fact that it was literally physical.

In this digital age, here was something you could actually pick up and become engrossed in. A concise representation of some of the people & stories found in Parkour culture that could sit on a coffee table and delved into by anyone who happens to see it, whether they are involved in the sport or not.

Before I go any further, this is a huge reason as to why I find this magazine to be so important. It’s something that, to the average (dare I say it) muggle reader, is an instant gauge of ‘oh shit, maybe Parkour isn’t just a fad and these guys have a proper community & culture.’

We can waffle on about it on social media & in videos but sometimes something as simple as some printed pieces of paper can be the real key to understanding.

The magazine simultaneously feels like the culmination of the last few years of work from Andrew and the MÜV MAG team as well as a new beginning for the brand.

Now back to the quality. This magazine oozes it.

Compact enough to travel with but large enough to stand out, the generously weighted paper is filled from front to back with a mixture of interviews, articles & reviews. All held together (in true MÜV MAG fashion) by the graphic artistry of creative director & editor-in-chief Andrew Obenreder.

I’ve always viewed Andrew as the type of creative I would love to employ once Motus was large enough. Someone who is so good at their craft that not one piece of content is released from them without it feeling ‘on brand.’ While I do feel this has potentially been a hindrance with regards to how fast MÜV MAG has been able to put out content, it has however meant that everything they’ve put out has maintained a level of cohesive quality. When finally holding the magazine in your hands you realize that it’s all been building up to this.

The magazine simultaneously feels like the culmination of the last few years of work from Andrew and the MÜV MAG team as well as a new beginning for the brand. With plans to release the magazine quarterly, I can only predict a steady growth of supporters as more and more people inside and outside of Parkour get their hands on it.

While the majority of content in the magazine had me enthralled with paragraphs of text, carefully curated imagery & handwritten annotations complementing each other perfectly, there were sections that felt like the push for an aesthetic page outweighed the focus on making the piece comfortably readable. 

Where the magazine truly found its strengths were when shining a light on stories & viewpoints from people that you may not otherwise hear from in such depth. Personal highlights were an article written by Jace Iley about his struggles with depression & drug use and a lengthy interview with Ethan Klickstein.

While print Parkour magazines have technically existed before MÜV MAG, none of the predecessors truly hit the mark well enough to make an impact, keep momentum and become sustainable. I am confident however that MÜV MAG is here to stay. While the physical magazine may still be warm from the printing press, Andrew & his teams work over the years to build the brand into a strong presence online has created the foundation on which to launch the MÜV MAG into (and hopefully beyond the confines of) the Parkour community for good. 

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