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Highlights of the 2019 Parkour Film & Photography Festival

As the 2019 Parkour Film & Photography Festival draws to a close (and plans already start to take shape for 2020) I wanted to take a minute to focus more on the incredible talent that resides within the global Parkour community. 

Obviously the whole purpose of this festival is to showcase a range of talent, however I often feel that the focus can fall almost entirely on the winners. Granted the winners do deserve their place but this doesn't mean that there weren't a huge a number of submissions that came close to securing a top spot!

I've curated a number of my favourite submissions (excluding the podium places who you can view here) across all the categories below and I urge you take the time to check them out and support these amazing creatives!

Apologies if your submission is not featured below! You can check out every submission to the festival here - All Submissions

Going Down - Filip Tuhy
Pablo & Minh 3 - Fraz The Wizard
Ankle Thing | A Broken Bones Story - Finn Evans
Archway Plyos - Adam Dore
Cornered - Julian Linden
2019 Descent Project - AJ Aljaafreh

Cityscape from Toby Preyer on Vimeo.

Soap Shoes - David Bharrat

Freedom Circle - Boris Serebrenikov

Leap - Peshawa Iranpanah

Static - Nøkk Gang

PEEK MEXICO - Carlos Zavir

Ptown Pars - Jack Dodds

Progression - Philip Panhorst, & Rachael Panhorst

Jumping to Conclusion - Dennis Karotsch

IN THE ZONE - Austin Farmer

Jungle Warrior - Real Life Tarzan - Andrew Kaminskyi 

A Classic - Julian Linden

Salta a Roma - Julius Klein

Momentous - Kent Johns

Regrab - Oldřich Polreich

Perfect - Safier Elzinga & Micheal Witwicki

Urban Flows - David Bharrat

Biggest Dive Roll at Imax - Jordan White

Devils Son - Jack Dodds

Deccan Movement Centre - Amey upadhyay

One Sick Night - Elijah Jennett

Take Off - Revine Photography

Upside Down - Revine Photography

The Process - Pavel Miskaryants

Nate - Kent Johns


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