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Going Green - Striving For Sustainable Production

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters of our planet. Beaten only by behemoths such as the oil industry. From insane water wastage to plastic micro-particles wrecking our oceans, fast fashion is having a hugely negative effect on the environment.

As a small brand owner, I am well aware that the environmental effects of The Motus Projects don't exactly compare to that of the clothing giants churning out garments in the millions. However, I am a huge believer of power in numbers and the more small brands that take action now, the better. 

Thankfully, there are actions that can be taken towards ensuring our clothes are made more sustainably and we are already heading down that path. Since moving away from our old factory in 2018, we are now working with a new supplier and taking every step possible to try and ensure eco-friendly production.

Our SS19 collection 'SOLE DESTROYER' is looking to be made entirely from organic cotton & recycled polyester and we are currently exploring methods of ensuring our packaging and fulfilment is as plastic-free as possible. (More on this to come!)

We recently visited the Future Fabrics Expo in London to see if there was anything else we could be doing as we finalise AW19 & look ahead to future collections.

We found that as many of these sustainable solutions are in their infancy, costs to implement them are often high and require large minimums which can be limited to a smaller brand like Motus. However, we still came away with a tonne of newly acquired knowledge and ideas for the future.

Also, while we are happy to be moving in the right direction, some of these solutions are far from perfect. Recycled polyester, although made from old plastic bottles, is still contributing to the plastic micro-particles that are plaguing the earth and even organic cotton still uses a lot of water to grow. 

This doesn't mean that we should continue using old methods though. As with any growing industry, mass adoption drives down the price (therefore making it more accessible and more commonly implemented) and also fuels money into the research of even better methods of being sustainable.

So while we may not be making clothes & shoes out of giant leaves anytime soon, we're excited about the future and will be making a lot more noise about the processes that have gone into creating our future collections!