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Get Lost - Spring 2021 | Some insight on our next collection

Happy Earth Day!

That one day a year where we post something about climate change on social media and feel like we've done our bit. In between the day where we all post a black box to end racism and the other day where we share 'how you can help' advice about genocide in other countries.

Despite my negative tone, we live, statistically, in one of the most peaceful, beautiful and prosperous times for humanity. All whilst simultaneously charging towards our self inflicted and premature extinction.

We've been on this planet for the blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things and will be gone before we know it unless we take drastic action to reverse the change.

Everyone knows this; everyone tries to act like they're doing their part, yet for the vast majority of the time, we bury our heads in the sand whilst simultaneously partying towards oblivion wrapped up in the next consumer trend. 

Hopefully, the irony of this collection is becoming evident to you...

We're not even going to pretend we're making some HUGE difference with this collection OR the brand however, we're trying to do our bit where we can. But, our efforts are a drop in the ocean compared to the bigger picture. The awkward truth is that Motus using sustainable fabrics or anything that sounds good for the earth will almost certainly do more for the brand from a marketing perspective than it would to heal our planet.

In the grand scheme of things, we're all fucked until the big players of this world want to step in the right direction.

This collection was conceptualised to try and capture this feeling and almost poke fun at the fact we're collectively doing such a shit job of ensuring our stay on this planet.

Get Lost takes a phrase often thrown about by the vagabond travelling crowd and flips it on its head. The world wants us fucking gone, and it's showing us through a new forest fire, tsunami, drought or even a pandemic practically every other day.

We're still finalising elements of the collection but expect to see loud colours and clashing prints across a range of summer goods. Also, thank you to our Patreon for naming our globe character. His name is Gary. You will see him around a lot. He's pissed.