Food Drives on the UK Tour - The Power of Unity

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With our tour less than a week away I figured it would be a good idea to try & draw a bit more attention to the food drives we will be running at each event & explain why I wanted to make them happen.

Firstly, I am by no means claiming this as my own original idea, in fact I first became aware of event focused food drives through punk music. Yes, that scary shouty music so many of you are afraid of. However, the one thing the punk scene will always show you is that strength comes in numbers & with the unity found there, incredible things can be done. 

Punk Crowd, King Blues

As a business owner, it’s incredibly easy to see the rapid growth of this sport and our community & think only about the opportunities for self progression. More people = more profit (insert Dr Evil laugh here!) but my focus with The Motus Projects has always been to use this growth & potential for more than just making money. Obviously a business has to make profit to grow but if we’re hosting events attended by anything more than a handful of people, it makes sense in my head to try & use those numbers to do some good!

It doesn't take the most creative mind to imagine being in a situation where you can't afford to eat. I’m not talking about once again eating a Tesco’s meal deal because you can’t really financially justify stuffing your face on the fancy options for lunch. I’m talking about not being able to afford the absolute basics to keep yourself alive. Now imagine you have kids…

Food Bank

It’s not a nice thing to think about but it’s a harsh reality for thousands of people in the UK & millions of people worldwide. Also get the assumption out of your head that these people are all drug addled wasters who have got themselves into this situation, life can be cruel & this can happen to anyone. I’m not saying we can end world hunger through organised jams, but if we can make even the smallest difference it would be silly not to do so.

All I am asking is that anyone attending the events on our tour brings along an item or two to donate. There’s no prize for the biggest donation & it is by no means compulsory, but if you're anything like me, i’m sure theres a few items in your cupboards you avoid every time it comes to dinner time because you're not really feeling that random can of mixed vegetables.

On each Facebook event page we have included a list of required foods by the local food banks, please take a look at these so you can help provide what is desperately needed.  

We’re all lucky enough to be united through a love for this incredible movement so let’s take that unity & put it to good use.


Cold Baked Beans

P.S - Please don’t bring cans of baked beans. Every food bank website I have ever visited states it has too many beans. I love baked beans & if you bring any along, I will eat them & I will eat them cold because thats how beans taste best. 



For information about the tour dates, please click the link below.


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