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Best Parkour Videos of 2019

As we draw to the end of another incredible year packed full positive development across everything that encompasses Parkour, we wanted to once again round up our favourite videos from the last 12 months!

As is always the way, there will be those that should be on this list that we haven't been able to remember so apologies! We tried our best!!

So in no particular order, our favourite Parkour videos from 2019!

Nicolas Vanhole x Geert Meeusen | Parkour HAL 5


Gefam Eurotrip 2019


Márcio Filipe - Still Grindin'


Storm Madrid


KIPA - Tell Em


S1 nach Wannsee


Owls Gang - Delinquents


 Full Circle - Ampisound


Team PHAT - Development




Jannis Schauer 2019


 CAVEMEN - Shoot To Kill - Storror


verky0-S19 -  Travis Verkaik


CPunreleased.mp4 - Denester




Ashigaru Classic

Restored Joy - Kelan Ryan

I know the last one is technically a Motus video and that comes across as but it's undeniably one of the best movement videos of 2019 so deal with it.

Also I'm going to be even more bias by saying this is also one of the best videos of the year and Kelan killed it on the edit.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Can't wait to see what gets made in the next 12 months! Over & Out!