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Best Parkour Videos of 2018

We sat down and compiled our favourite Parkour & Freerunning videos from the last 12 months into one big list! It wasn't an easy task!

Whether they feature incredible cinematography, progressive movement or brilliant story telling, they all left a lasting impression and we wanted to make sure you could see them too!

So in no particular order, our favourite Parkour videos from 2018!

Nate Weston - HometownBreach Apparel 2018OGP - Does your mum know you do this?We are AshigaruGuilleWhat - Legends IIIBrewman - BrewlognaSimon Nogueira - CatharsisTHC x DK - UK

Storm Freerun - Tim Champion - SwingdomStill No Title - Matthias Mayer 2017Team Farang - It's Not That SimpleCalen Chan - Out With A BangStorror - Rooftop POV Escape Hong KongJannis Schauer 2018

And there we have it. I'm sure the moment this article goes live I will receive a load of messages telling me I've missed some bangers & to be honest, I'm sure I probably have! Sorry if you got missed! Keep killing it!