A platform for sharing and discovery - @saveyourclips

October 23, 2020 3 min read

A platform for sharing and discovery - @saveyourclips

What's up guys! Max here. 

So, today I just want to have a little chat about a page on instagram known as @saveyourclips. I'm sure many of you remember the little phase the community went through a while back with the saveyourclips hashtag. Probably the main contributing factor towards this lil' hot topic within the community was Jimmy The Giant and a video he created putting emphasis on the importance of saving clips in order to create more meaningful and long standing content, rather than quick, clout chasing instagram clips.

I say 'phase' however, this little period definitely served as a much needed reminder to the newer generations of the sport. Things have been changing. Instagram has become a hub for the sharing of content within the community, however, wholesome long form content with meaning and sustenance; content that won't be lost in the archive of ones instagram page, should not be left behind. And, the good thing is, I think we all know this. For the sake of maintaining a sense of culture and depth within the community, and for the overall growth and exposure of the sport, longer form projects are more than necessary. 

One page on Instagram that popped up during this timeframe was @saveyourclips. This page is working on sharing the community's up and coming creative projects; from the more underground content to some of the more mainstream new-releases. 

The reason I decided to cover this little topic is that, I can imagine that this sort of platform, if done in the right way, could really help the spread and flow of new content throughout the community, in turn, inspiring fellow athletes around the world and ultimately helping to grow the sport. As far as i'm aware, I don't know of any brands that are actively perusing the idea of being a hub for showcasing and sharing content for the community to see. Of course, certain names are doing a fantastic job at giving exposure to the hottest new content; for example, @muvmag with their high quality magazines, The Motus Projects Film Festival and people like @jimmythegiant sharing the odd project or concept on their social media. 

Interview with @saveyourclips

"My first post was on the 21st of May 2020. I've always wanted to contribute to the PKFR community in one way or another, so I created @saveyourclips to act as a genuine platform to share the community's more underground projects that deserve more attention. Unlike the majority of PKFR ‘repost pages’ that are only really there for the clout and to show the more daredevil side of things, rather than actually giving credit to the athletes and groups that are genuinely trying to progress and take the sport to the next level."

"I do wanna say that MÜVMAG is doing some super cool stuff right now. Go and follow them on instagram and show some love - @muvmag"


"I really hope this account can become a reliable place where athletes and filmmakers can have a better chance at getting their videos and projects some well deserved exposure and a place that people can come to find some cool new releases that are a bit more underground."

"There’re a huge amount of gems that come from the PKFR community, but I can imagine, especially for people that are just starting Parkour and don’t know where to look, that these videos can be incredibly hard to find."

"In a year's time, I hope that more and more people understand the importance of long form content, and I hope that these people can see my platform as a cool place to potentially get featured and get their projects out to every corner of the community. The sport is still growing, and I hope this account will contribute to that growth somehow."

"So far, I've had nothing but cool interactions with super talented athletes and filmmakers that, in my opinion, are worthy of way more recognition and exposure than they have."

Special mention: @domtomato

On quite the opposite side of the spectrum, however, equally as useful; @domtomato does #parkourhomework once a week on his Instagram story, sharing Parkour videos from the past in order to give them the remembrance and appreciation they deserve. I think this is equally as important as sharing the new content, so that the newer generations within the sport get a look at some Parkour history and get insight into how movement, clothing and filmmaking has changed over time. 


Let us know what you think about this topic in the comments of this blog. Definitely go and support @saveyourclips on Instagram and follow @domtomato if you don't already (pretty unlikely)

Thanks for reading. Until next time.


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