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5 Underrated Parkour Brands

Parkour brands come and go like the wind. We’ve all been approached by that friend (or maybe you are that friend) who starts throwing together t-shirt designs for the goal of taking your parkour into the meager commercial spotlight. It makes sense after all; if there’s money to be made in any industry, particularly parkour, then selling clothing is an easy way to get your cut of the spoils. Obviously some brands have done so more successfully than others, and we as a community often watch helplessly as parkour brands fall by the wayside. Either from lack of effort, money, community engagement, or other aspects of life getting in the way. At Motus we want to see as many parkour brands as possible reach success and stand the test of time; so we decided to compile a short list of some of the most underrated parkour brands out there, to spread the love beyond Motus. We understand that three of these featured are UK based, and unfortunately you can’t throw a rock in England without hitting a new parkour brand. That being said, this list is presented in no particular order.

1- Contendunt Streetwear

Contendunt is a parkour brand that stands out via their goals of supporting mental health initiatives, lessening their environmental impact, and developing a sponsored team that features athletes internationally. Putting money behind Contendunt means supporting a brand that knows there is more to parkour than athleticism and snazzy t-shirts alone.

“Since we started in 2019, we always try to run campaigns to support people, in and out of the parkour community. Our recent shift towards focusing on mental health conversation within the sport, this combats such a huge issue in today's society, and within parkour.” ~Contendunt

2- Infrastructure PK

Infrastructure has quickly spread amongst the greater parkour community with their interesting and abstract artistic designs that approach the psychological side of parkour, parkour history and spots, and more. All while supporting and promoting additional athletes and brands outside of their own sphere of influence.

“Infrastructure is a brand that seeks to innovate and push the boundaries of parkour fashion, media and culture by creating the highest possible quality garments, films and concepts with each project released. Alongside this we seek to provide financial and travel opportunities for talented, deserving parkour athletes through the sponsored athlete team.” ~Infrastructure

3- Aerocrew

Aerocrew is a French parkour clothing brand that has developed a range of clothing featuring minimalist designs and sustainable vegan fabrics for the environmentally aware parkourist. If their approach to parkour clothing speaks to you, then consider giving them your hard earned money.

“Aerocrew was born from a desire to offer something more concrete for the French community and all those who are part of it. Today, the brand offers fixed-term partnership contracts to French athletes, in order to allow young athletes to work with us on projects, and thus open doors to a more professional future in Parkour. Aerocrew has chosen to work only with recycled materials, 100% organic and VEGAN materials, in order to support the environmental cause.” ~Aerocrew 


4- Stünts

Stünts is the Czech Republic’s answer to parkour clothing and culture brands. Utlizing vibrant colors, loud designs, and Czech local spots for reference, Stünts has cultivated an eye catching collection of parkour clothing that stands apart from the rest. 

“We’re trying to react to all the decent, black and white, minimalistic deigns that other pk brands make. Not that we’re against these kinds of designs, not at all! Just bringing colors, playfulness, extravagancy and a bit of daring to create a balance in this small industry of parkour.”~Stünts

5- Pariah Clan

Pariah is a UK parkour brand from the brain of the great Jai Battrick. Showcasing dark and heavy designs, Pariah brings gutter-punk vibes to parkour in much the same way that Thrasher did for skateboarding. If your style is hard hitting and would elicit pearl clutching in old wasp-y people, then Pariah is the brand for you. 

The industry of parkour is a mercurial and ever shifting graveyard of emerging and dying brands, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Supporting these worthy brands means alleviating that desolation, and continuing the growth of the industry behind the sport we all love. Parkour brands will continue to come and go, let’s make sure that the right ones stick around.  

Media Credit: All photos herein provided graciously by Contendunt, Infrastructure, Aerocrew, Stunts, and Pariah Clan respectively.